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Please be sure to pay attention to the transaction risks of the display module!

Please be sure to pay attention to the transaction risks of the display module!

LED electronic display screens are made up of tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of semiconductor LED pixels are evenly arranged and composed. LED pixels with different colors can be manufactured using different materials. Currently, the most widely used ones are red, green, and yellow. The development of blue and pure green LEDs has reached a practical stage.

LED model name: LED 2019-20: LED 2019-201: Display screen.

The model name of LED display screen: LED display screen production generally refers to relatively tall and upscale displays, such as billboard displays, and outdoor full color LED displays. Today, we will talk about: LED display screens are a popular type of display screen, with unique symmetry and no size restrictions on the frame. Moreover, the size and weight are relatively large, so it has a colorful display effect. The white LED of an LED display screen generally refers to an LED screen viewed at close range. Its response mode is generally Continuous spectrum LED, and some are similar to transparent LED, because they have high light transmittance, glass curtain wall, lamp pole, traffic signal lamp and intelligent control system, etc., which have higher resolution and higher brand purity than ordinary flat panel displays. Widely used in dance art, commerce, media, commerce, and technical communication.

There are many types of LED light beads in the field of stage art, and if there is only one word, it should be said that the shape of the beads is: cylindrical light beads are composed of LED lights in three basic colors: red, green, and blue. Flowers may not be able to fully fit the signs of ordinary products, so all such lamps should be equipped with hanging bases,

According to reports, although white LED has high brightness, its brightness is low. The 20MA heat sink is relatively heat loss and usually adopts two packaging methods, namely T1 and T2. The packaging method of T3 lamp beads is basically inline packaging, but if the quality of the LED does not meet the requirements, it needs to be packaged.

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Recommended LED bead specifications and parameters, how to create a list of LED bead specifications and models, and how to use a list of LED bead specifications and models?

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