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SMD LED Market

Chip LED (SMD LED) is mainly used for lighting, decoration, electronics indicator, back light, monitor, and devices and other fields. In 2009, mobile phones and loweroutput of LCD TVs will likely affect the availability of the components is expected. The size of conventional single color SMD LED 1206 (3215), 1004 (2510), 0805 (2012) and 0603 (1608). Chinese manufacturers can provide the minimum size 0603, 0.3mm thickness. Size 0402 (1005) in smaller LED at trial. In addition, Chinese suppliers also provide sophisticated technology but less profitable two color and three color products, these products are used for backlighting, equipment, household goods, consumer electronics, and display areas. Even though the market demand is low, but vendors still provide sideview SMD LED, including 335 (4008), 020 (3806) and 215 (2810). With the good market for SMD LED’s future status expected SMD LED of the mainstream manufacturers have launched their own development plans and prototypes, one hour, SMD LED defined market is a thriving, bustling atmosphere.