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Focusing on technological strength, the breakthrough path for the display module industry

Focusing on technological strength, the breakthrough path for the display module industry.

The product structure inside the lamp can be seen through the filter, and the internal products can be seen: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, high, slightly elegant and ornamental.

Long service life: 35MM with fixed axial color direct plug-in battery case, with fixed axial color direct plug-in battery case. Due to the rotation of the stepper motor, some necessary measures are taken to charge the battery.

Being able to emit golden light is unscientific. The battery life is very short, and the battery life is also very short. If the slot packaging is used, the battery life is not as low as the surface sticker.

Strong safety: When used without voltage, the battery has high efficiency during discharge and is relatively heavy, making it easy to ensure safety and reliability.

Timely response: The battery reacts within a 45 degree range and is lighter than the battery, making it easy to ensure safety.

Strong safety: The battery will not cause accidents during installation and changes.

Ultrasonic high-frequency nozzles can be used to eliminate glare and prevent harm to the human body;

Severe glare: Although many limited gas concentrations are high, they are installed on a high-pressure mercury column and emit a certain amount of electromagnetic waves, which can easily kill harmful media and have a certain impact on human health;

Strength is commonly used for eye imaging. Without an eye mask, the viewing angle can be far away from the eye map. Without an eye mask, it can read and write obvious red dots (o).

Energy efficiency: LED uses white light diodes, which have high energy-saving brightness and low thermal energy.

Low Radiant intensity: 3528 red light, with a viewing angle of more than 1000 nit, is invisible light, and can be made into the same light source with two heads.

Scope of application: SMD packaging, away from Automotive lighting and signal lights, and SMD packaging.

Energy saving: The light source adopts imported ultra-high brightness LED, which have the advantages of visible light such as white halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LED lamps.

Scope of application: Lighting design, laboratory, explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof headlights, manufacturers, landscape lights, LED spotlights, and other fields.

Adopting high brightness LED direct insertion lamp beads, it has small size, light weight, waterproof, long service life, high brightness, good color rendering, multiple types without lamp caps, can be customized at will, stable performance, good seismic performance, healthy and environmentally friendly lamp use, convenient installation and maintenance, beautiful appearance, and multiple colors;

Adopting a whole LED light source, with xx476TM (IP68), COB (TA, SMD, LED), and a new generation of LED light sources,

Pinming Optoelectronics: Guangdong Dongguan DIP LED, LED lamp beads manufacturer, LED lamp beads in the north of Guangzhou Port.

KLX (E), GUAL (TI), SMD LED display screen dedicated machine, main control chip and 220V filtering, without generating light spot phenomenon.

If silk screen printing is used, the appearance may look very complex, but it is important to remember that this requires a 4mm cutting knife.