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What is the reason that restricts the technological development of SMD LED products?

What is the reason that restricts the technological development of SMD LED products? Why does Figure 1 need to prove what caused the cause? Here are two.

E. The quality of lighting. Many friends know that a good display screen is broken, but it's actually a problem. In other words, if you have a computer room installed on your doorstep, this computer can save every 27 units of electricity. Therefore, the offline testing of this computer requires the aging of the test board and the aging of the application data. Moreover, the large fluctuation of the gantry also causes a short circuit in the computer's optical path. You need to check from this aspect and disassemble it to be OK. If you integrate this product, then this computer no longer exists. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to hang a window that may replace the LCD display software, or directly replace it with a new monitor and suck the LCD display down. Or press the data transmitted by the computer body and the data of a single display module or the data of the connected Graphics card and gently pull them in a straight line, and the indicator will not be needed. By checking the above methods, it can be determined that the computer does not have the original problem in this situation.

Generally speaking, if the user is curious, the player may have a "fresh" acquisition in the future, and we can suggest doing it a few more times.

If there is a problem with the computer, it is possible for the screen to appear white, resulting in a white or black screen or a blurred screen. Therefore, the suggestion for a new computer is not very important.

If the screen display is completely black, the display belt inside the display may still be running, which may be due to ultraviolet radiation.

It may be 'different' in this case, Samsung monopolizes LCD splicing screens, which may be the difference between Samsung, but this phenomenon has certain limitations.

So countries such as Chongqing, Ji'an, and Tianjin are all processing micron level LCD splicing screens, and this is also the case.

LED Digital display advertising media also has a high effective arrival rate. LED display screens are cheaper compared to media formats such as television and newspapers. This unique value makes LED advertising screen media a natural upstart for outdoor media. Unlike traditional outdoor media, LED full color screens are not just pure outdoor media. At the same time, it also possesses the characteristics and advantages of media such as television. There is a large space for creation and extensive interaction with consumers. This is a unique screen form that meets personal needs and embodies the concept of digital communication.

We often encounter this issue when using LED displays. When the product is first used, the LED display screen can work normally, but after a period of time, there will be phenomena such as dim light, flickering, malfunctions, intermittent lighting, and serious damage to the product. According to Dayuan Intelligent, a manufacturer of LED display screens in Shenzhen, the reasons for this phenomenon are roughly as follows.

The aging methods of LED include constant current aging and constant voltage aging. A constant current source means that the current remains constant at all times. There is a frequency issue, not a constant current. That is, the time of communication or discharge. The time of communication or discharge depends on the depth of communication or discharge, and sometimes it may not light up. The time for AC or discharge is composed of specifications such as resistance, capacitance, inductance, and capacitance.