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SMD LED dealers with high production standards

The high production standard SMD LED dealer logo series features a characteristic curve design with low to zero near-infrared radial power consumption, and a management system weight of only 3000K/min, greatly improving the service life of LEDs.

The power of LED lamps is designed according to the principles of different store styles. The power of LED is also known as high-power LED beads. The shell of the LED is made of epoxy resin, the beads are made of red copper foil, and the beads are made of white copper foil. This is a comprehensive introduction. Our company's main products include LED beads, LED LED, plug-in beads, high-power beads, SMD LED beads, LED lamps, LEDUV lamps, LED disinfection lamps, and we have a mature and complete LED lamp manufacturing system. We are a Dongguan LED lamp packaging manufacturer, LED lamp customization manufacturer, and LED lamp manufacturer.

Lamp beads and SMD lamp beads are both used in the SMD production department, with a wide range of applications. Various types of LED applications in China, such as those in Yue and Han, are non professionals, and there are independent intellectual property products of this type in China. The company's products mainly use: fluorescent tubes, LED, infrared emission tubes, infrared receiver tubes, photosensitive tubes, etc.

Main Products: Light Emitting Diodes, SMD LED Beads, Direct Insert LED Beads, Little Butterfly LED Beads, High brightness LED Beads, Colorful LED Chips.

The company takes professional technical management and technical services as an important leader of the enterprise, selects high-quality LED LED products, and provides on-site large-scale expert training with unique high cost-effectiveness and good environmental and energy-saving decoration. It is highly favored by researchers and large engineers.

We have an experienced R&D team, excellent after-sales service, and excellent market experience.

The company adheres to the pace of quality first, and is a professional and strict quality assurance. We adhere to the principle of "quality first, service first", and strictly implement the purpose of "scientific knowledge, environmental protection and energy conservation, integrity and win-win".

The most widely circulated opinions, inspection results, and technical service purpose: to provide high-quality products and personalized technical services for customers. The company adheres to the business philosophy of scientific quality and mutual benefit with integrity.

The high-level technology team is responsible for cultivating various industries such as medicine, LED, optoelectronics, vacuum electronics, and capacitance paradigm, actively engaging in development, production, and procurement. Survive with quality and pursue a future driven by new trends.

LED bead packaging can be divided into two different packaging forms: direct insertion type and SMD type LED LED. LED SMD LED packaging, also known as SMD LED packaging, has common SMD type lamp beads such as 0805, 0603, 1206, 2835, 3528, and 505.

The normal working current of the 0402 LED bead 006W direct insertion LED bead is 20mA, and the normal working current of the 02WLED bead is 60mA. 2 Overcurrent maintenance: Excessive current will cause the direct insertion LED bead to die out, leading to accelerated brightness attenuation. In circuit design.

Friends who have had LED at home are definitely familiar with LED LED. The emergence of LED LED has broken the traditional lighting method of light bulbs. It is a type of semiconductor diode that can convert electrical energy into light energy.