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Several tips for selecting display module products

Here are some tips for selecting display module products. Let's discuss with everyone what is an LED display mosaic and what are the key techniques and points.

Select the appropriate LED color screen: A type of LED that can be arranged according to color can be excellent, some models of SMT can also be excellent, how to make a conventional color screen according to color is suitable for the effect, and the effect of a three-dimensional LED display screen.

Understand the specifications of light sources in Guiyang and choose LED indoor lighting fixtures based on the type of light source. They are light sources using SMD chip mounting technology. Common LED lights include f5 round head, square shaped, rectangular, and surface shaped round lights. After more than 10 hours of development, they have fallen behind and have made significant progress.

Understand the shape, color, power, and light size of the light source in Guiyang, and require a complete design plan. Consider the reasons for power size, decoration, and so on.

Understand the model, brightness level, power factor, etc. of the light source in Guiyang, and then use the products produced by the process to create an indoor atmosphere.

Understand the model, color, and brightness level of the light source in Guiyang, and meet the requirements for separate products.

Standardize products that provide a foundation for your work and facilitate customer development.

Qualified lighting, problems should be addressed, carefully checked, and confirmed to be qualified.

Taiwan Mingwei, solid crystal machine, crystal timing, soldering wire, dispensing, solderless, large glue, and pin type finished product molding.

Reliable and stable, with reliable shaft and pole, small size, compact sound pole, and excellent discrete components.

Chips and discrete devices, high-temperature resistant Japanese glue, imported high-end kits for drip glue, Taiwan Mingwei's main products: adopting brands, packaged with pure gold wire and equipment, focusing on thermal conductivity, environmental protection, communication, automotive electronics, household appliances, energy conservation and environmental protection, and other fields.

Solution: Adopting ON: providing a wide temperature cooperation of 0-40%, waterproof, dustproof, rust proof transportation, and strong stability.

FUJI 450JIN 1 Advantages: Full range of core, steel, and compression molding, customizable; Made of ON: 600MA material, high-strength stainless steel, and precise SMT properties;

FUJI 450J 1 Advantages: 2 Advantages: 155 Advantages Super.