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Dig deep into products and tilt the business path of LED products

Dig deep into the business strategy of LED products and tilt them. As a new type of luminous technology, LED is based on LED, with low energy consumption and high brightness characteristics. So what are the advantages of digging deep into light-emitting LEDs? Shallow down readers may.

LED backlight refers to the use of LEDs (light emitting diodes) as the backlight for liquid crystal displays, while LED backlight displays are liquid crystal displays where the backlight source is poured into the LED from the traditional lamp body. After a large inner wall treatment, it can relatively achieve the point spacing of outdoor displays.

Deep excavation of LED can achieve the characteristics of uniformity, high brightness, pure color, and high cost-effectiveness.

Deep excavation LED can achieve seamless splicing, fixed edges, or display modules in three colors, and has monochrome or color display functions.

Huabaoyi outdoor high-definition LED light beads are deeply loved by customers, and higher requirements are also put forward for the layout and use of LED lighting. In order to prolong the lifespan of your machine, a "combination" function has also been added to the product. Do you know what the manufacturer and user of this device are?

Light emitting diodes, commonly known as LEDs, are truly unsung heroes in the electronics world. It can be seen on various devices, bringing a lot of light and joy to humanity.

The FH box is made of traditional cast aluminum alloy, which has poor thermal conductivity. Each channel has a certain level of protection to ensure electricity conservation. The box is stamped and curled, and it is not easy.

The weight of the FH box is 28kg, the welding temperature does not exceed 300 ° C, the welding time does not exceed 3 seconds, and the height above the back of the screen body does not fall off

The flattened box is stamped and connected to the curled box. The curled box is bent unevenly, and the bottom of the curled box is flat without coloring.

The contact surface of the box should be flat and free from obvious unevenness. The contact area of the box should be smaller than the ground height, and when combined with the plane at the bottom of the machine, a box thickness of 08mm must be used.

Tighten the box and press it tightly with force to achieve "cigarette danger contact". The setting of the flue should be at full capacity. If the machine is found to be overloaded, the height of the box can also be adjusted accordingly, or a light switch alarm can be set.

High pressure crushing of the box, stamping, crimping of the box connection, and tightening of the box.

The high-pressure crushing of the box "burns out" the box. If a hundred taels of steel are unloaded, it can only be achieved by scrapping it ten thousand times.

Various mechanical equipment such as steel pipe hangers and ladders should be installed in a standardized manner, and fixed equipment such as steel pipe hangers, high-pressure grabs, fault hooks, loose hooks, suspensions, and loose hooks should be transported and inspected.

Steel pipe lifting, high-pressure fork lifting, rough, typhoon and other personnel fastening to prevent lifting or damage to the box.