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Switzerland's layout of the 7 segment LED display screen industry chain last month

Last month, Switzerland introduced the layout of the 7 segment LED display screen industry chain.

Simply put, LCD and LED are two different display technologies. LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals, while LED is a display screen composed of LED.

With the increasing demand for creative displays, ordinary rectangular LED displays can no longer meet people's needs for advertising display.

LED display advertising media also has a high effective arrival rate. LED display screens are cheaper compared to media formats such as television and newspapers. This unique value makes LED advertising screen media a natural upstart for outdoor media. Unlike traditional outdoor media, LED full color screens are not just pure outdoor media. At the same time, it also possesses the characteristics and advantages of media such as television. There is a large creative space that can appeal to consumers or attract attention.

LED display screens are widely used in the digital era, so friends who understand LED display screens must first determine the appearance and material appearance when choosing LED display screens. What is an LED display screen and what is the true LED display screen? When installing an LED display screen, the bracket, the overall layout of the power base, the appearance of the building, and so on, all need to be considered.

Urban night scene lighting refers to urban lighting that uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) as light emitters. Compared to traditional lighting, LEDs are heat dissipation devices that can generate more heat. Compared to other traditional light sources, LEDs can generate more heat. The use of LED display screens has solved the problem of complex light sources and promoted the development of LED technology. 21 LED display screen manufacturers.

Professional services include LED display screens, LCD splicing screens, touch splicing screens, electronic whiteboards, touch dimming, conference all-in-one machines, landscape lighting engineering construction, common faults and maintenance of outdoor lighting sources such as stations, airports, stations, sports venues, etc.

The released contents include Decimal pulse width modulation band, saturation pressure control, PWM control terminal capable of withstanding high-precision light intensity, high frequency, small amplitude, wired, EMC, RMC control terminal capable of withstanding high-precision light intensity, thermal energy splicing, automatic control card testing, and strict control of various protection processes.

This computer uses twisted pair wires for conductivity, which have good conductivity and can withstand special protection when paired with the steering wheel. It is a high-resolution driver that is prone to moisture, dirt, water intake, water seepage, burrs, and other water seepage phenomena, which can cause ground contact problems and even water immersion and rust. When paint leaks, its electrical parameters can be determined through cloud computing, and can be verified by referring to the display manual.

When setting an IP address or displaying an IP address, it should be possible to confirm the address from the IP address to the IP address, and authentication can be achieved by connecting the button to the host.

The overall voltage charging capacity of IP68 software is 68V-48V. Due to long-term operation and its special voltage, it causes instantaneous power supply and quickly causes power outage and distribution. The last product on the device is an AC AC transistor, which has a higher safety insulation coefficient compared to other low-voltage inverter products.

IP68 can adjust the energy storage of the battery under normal power supply conditions and automatically charge under normal power supply conditions, greatly reducing the battery utilization rate.