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The most popular 7 segment LED display screen manufacturer

The most popular manufacturer of 7 segment LED display screens is metal halide lamps. It has the function of durability and instant lighting. So how to control the LED's performance? It is a good idea to reflect the following content to jointly select LEDs.

The brightness of the filament should be avoided when the welding temperature does not exceed 40 ° C.

The pulse current at the moment is often referred to as a flashing or shining level. Of course, achieving the expected LED is uncontrollable, as the LED is weakened due to overload and misoperation. When overloaded, the magnetic current will instantly decrease from a higher level, and the LED control circuit will fail. After a short delay, it will cause flickering and flickering, and the LED will not have any other flashing phenomenon when viewed in front of us. This is what we call a tuned D filament illusion lamp.

The pulse current during braking is the primary consideration factor for daily communication, work, and safety. After experiments, LED filaments in countries and regions such as the United States, Taiwan, and Japan use different types of high-quality white LED, greatly improving the brightness of the LED. (4) Energy efficiency.

Following the reverse voltage on the LED light strip, the welding points of the low-power light beads undergo rapid desoldering treatment. We gradually grow up with a perfect light bead process, and the progress of our skills has made us very satisfied. The LED lights we are currently exposed to are also measured very carefully.

This type of indicator light does not require a standard light source and requires the ability to control its color through various methods, such as red light, green light, blue light, etc. Various colors can be controlled through intelligent traffic lights. If there are many other ways to choose an LED that is more suitable for actual lighting brightness when red and green lights are on?

● Range of environmental temperature change: The range of environmental temperature change for LED lights; The heat dissipation requirements are very wide, with temperatures ranging from 350 ° C to 100 ° C, so the following precautions must be taken when using.

Voltage: Both LED lamps and incandescent lamps use U-shaped street lamps, mainly used for lighting purposes. The bulb has a higher power but lower power, and higher uniformity of illumination. Compared to incandescent lamps, incandescent lamps have a longer lifespan but longer lifespan. If you buy the lamp again, the lifespan will be longer.

● Light color: The color of LED lights is composed of LED lights of different brightness, creating the colorful and various colors of white LED lights, whether they are 3528, 257, etc