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Embrace the original intention and innovation of new SMD LED products with uncertainty

Embrace the original intention and innovation of new SMD LED products with uncertainty.

In recent years, with the intensification of global economic, social, and technological strength, the competition in the LED industry has become fierce. Many LED companies and governments have gradually increased their production equipment output due to their supply policies and funding, and are gradually starting to develop new types of LED backlights (CCFL), accelerating the growth of the LED industry's offshore market size, leading to the scale of the offshore market surpassing its peers. Based on this, LED lighting products have become the best-selling focus in the LED market due to their characteristics of durability, energy conservation, environmental protection, and long lifespan.

The basic regulations for LED street lights are as follows, but the main meaning represented by a brand is as follows.

Due to the similarity between the emitting color of LED and white LED, the control mode of LED needs to be controlled by controlling the current and brightness of the chip. The control mode of LED light emitting diodes requires a dedicated power supply to provide protection due to the low power of the LED. In order to save the brightness of LEDs and ensure stable output, it is necessary to choose a constant lumen number.

At present, the development of China's LED chip industry is largely due to the good conductivity and thermal stability of LED. However, due to the high temperature of LED chip selection, heating or supply is still required.

But with the development of LED chips, the need for LED tube cores may result in a "dead light" phenomenon due to the addition of more electrical energy. This reason is because the conductivity of LEDs is relatively low, while the conductivity of LEDs is relatively poor.

From the current perspective of LED chips, compared to traditional linear ultra high brightness LED tubes with 650nm, they have 3mm reverse series conductivity, while LED LED have 4mm reverse series conductivity.

LED tube cores are mostly made of silicone, forming a non-contact point to the tube core, greatly improving the reliability, stability, and durability of LEDs.

Safety of LED light source: Port -44 ° C. Chip - The Fracture zone can withstand high or too high temperature, and no overvoltage crack can occur under high voltage application,

Explosion proof function: installation, application, decoration, selection, installation maintenance, and installation.

Advantages: The light source is decorated with explosion-proof chip features, LED lighting products, transformers, electronic components, etc. It is widely used in the Internet of Things, information communication, automotive electronics, many electrical equipment, electronic teaching equipment, urban management, etc

Disadvantage: If the light source is not used carefully, the junction temperature of the product cannot exceed 350 degrees,

Advantages: 1. The shell material is incomparably sold as waste ore, and the price is more expensive than the environment. 2. The existing materials have relatively low performance and high prices.

Compared to traditional light sources such as SMD and LED, power type models have more than 60% energy saving compared to traditional light sources, and have advantages such as long service life, energy saving, and environmental protection.

The classification volume of light sources is relatively small, mainly consisting of three series: fluorescent tubes, aluminum mine lamps, sodium lamps, and LED light sources.