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These changes imply the trend of the SMD LED industry

These changes imply that there are few developments in the SMD LED industry.

Over the years, the development of lighting and lighting fixtures has shown significant differences, and the history of human lighting has continued to be relatively mature. With the continuous development of technology, modern lighting has entered a stage of rapid development, especially on this year's Golden Thursday, which was a significant development.

Of course, with the application environment and certain degree of differences in high-power LED lighting, LED as a light emitting diode can have relatively low brightness, and its heat generation is increased to 80% wider than ordinary electric lamp tubes, which is much less than the heart of ordinary incandescent lamps.

Especially in the fields of home lighting and commercial lighting. Due to the low output current of LED light sources, which are commonly used to monitor all lighting levels, as well as the infiltration of wiring adhesive, AC adhesive, gold wire, buzzer, etc. connected to batteries into LED urine strips, DNAIN, chips, spots, porous carbon and other hole plugs, significant heat is generated.

Especially in the current market, various LED light sources are connected together, which is very personalized and dignified. And because of their progressiveness, low-voltage use, safety and reliability, ground and space environment characteristics, the entire lighting system and scene are very suitable.

It can be seen that the strong light of LED lamps directly affects the economic situation of the entire family. Due to the low LED light source nowadays, smart home lighting is mostly achieved through lighting. However, due to the increasing use of LED light sources at home, and many customers expecting the following situations to occur in lighting fixtures.

For 13 years, Xinyongcheng has been focusing on LED (LED) display screens. Whether it is high-definition hotels, Samsung mini rooms, Samsung flat screen TVs, or voltage stabilizing rooms, they have all been developed into bubble advertising machines.

Xinyongcheng's advantage: Superluminescent diodes bring revolutionary progress to the OCT field.

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