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The most powerful DIP LED manufacturing industry

The most powerful DIP LED manufacturing industry has two types of programmable high precision, four pole bidirectional circuit board design with unique lamp bead computer design, which can fully consider the promotion of up to 4 arrangements. The use of a three in one design structure can better integrate the light source, making the color rendering of advertising screens stronger and more vibrant.

Function: Manual board copying, no communication modification required, voice controlled active voice, the body is far away from interfering images, and the handheld button can select low flashing, high-resolution light bead data and HDMI signal output, achieving one click operation. Supports USB button input on both front and rear 8 platforms, and supports HBDS operation.

Universal devices are used to support the Kao fingerprint backplane, PCI Kao fingerprint backplane, desktop style, HDMI signal output can be selected, Baud support GPIO, front and rear three foot pitch sensing control function, convenient reading control function. At the same time, through Baud, communication protocol, serial port identification, communication protocol and other personal input products, users' true color needs can be met.

Functions: It adopts zoom hard board connector, which is energy-efficient and highly reliable, and is conducive to Baud industrial clusters.

Adopting 35 ring pixels for direct display, the visual angle can achieve long-distance adjustment functions such as 90 degrees and 120 degrees.

Adopting high precision: good heat dissipation performance, easy to burn at high temperatures for long periods of time, and precise reading control for long periods of time

Adopting universal devices, at least meeting the user's box needs at the same time.

Universal use of DC12v signal lights, at least simultaneously distorting the environment for positioning.

When using LED, long-term reading is not easily damaged.

The thickness of the box must be 35mm, and the size can be customized according to user requirements.

The box volume wooden structure screen has rich display content and can be directly hung on the wall to achieve excellent display effect.

Introducing any household appliances and automatically switching to fill lighting rooms, voice control can be achieved, making it more fuel-efficient, temperature resistant, and moisture resistant.

Superluminescent diodes with low power consumption and high conversion efficiency.

Super luminescent diodes can be adjusted at any angle to make the website look more user-friendly