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Encountering bottlenecks, SMD LED products rely on price increases to improve quality and stabilize revenue

Faced with bottlenecks, SMD LED products rely on price increases to improve quality and stabilize revenue.

M plug-in LED beads can be made into various forms of LED lighting according to different product functions, such as LED line lights, LED point light sources, LED light strips, etc.

M plug-in LED beads can be customized according to needs, and multiple LED beads are packaged in plug-in LED beads, including SMD LED beads, LED beads, etc.

M plug-in LED beads can be customized with various monochrome colors, with a wavelength range of 10-400-600 meters. Various monochrome colors can be customized.

The power consumption of m plug-in LED beads is over 12mil, and each LED bead can be customized within a wavelength range. It can also be customized with dual wavelength ranges of 120-200 nm, including red light, yellow light, orange light, purple light, ice blue light, warm white light, white light, etc.

M plug-in LED beads can be customized: red, yellow, blue, green, yellow, purple, powder long range dual wavelength range continuous wavelength range 600~950 nm, usually pictures can be customized.

Dual wavelength range: 460-470nm, usually images can be customized.

Path: Each string (3MM light) Hailongxing Optoelectronics S8 power indicator light, each string (2MM light) low voltage indicator light, dual wavelength range: 2MM/F3/F5/F8;

DMX512 (3MM light) Hailongxing Optoelectronics S8 power indicator light -1W analog lumen/high current LED indicator light.

DMX58 waterproof grade: 450Hz, lamp body parameters announced, your 201~201 ± 0 °/805 mA.

DMX5 is a copper lamp, which uses a proprietary American chemical charging lamp and heat source to cooperate with the demarcator. The overall brightness of the lamp body can reach 20-70 lm, divided into three colors.

DMX5 is an aluminum lamp made of aluminum casing, which is resistant to high temperatures of 135 degrees and can resist corrosion up to 45 degrees, making it suitable for the unique scene required.

Mining explosion-proof lamp is a lighting tool for locomotive operation. The explosion-proof type for mining (using LED cold light source) is mainly applicable to drilling vehicles, battery electric locomotives, tunneling machines, loading machines, coal shovels, loaders, and various underground explosion-proof vehicles with methane and coal dust explosion hazards. It is used for locomotive work projection lighting.

The bracket lamp mainly consists of an "upper lamp head structure" and a "bottom lamp tube structure"; An energy-saving electronic ballast is wrapped inside the combined structure to form an energy-saving electronic ballast; The feature of the bracket lamp is to add a partition structure below the space of the upper combination structure and energy-saving electronic ballast; And a growth section cavity structure is set in the lower combination structure part; And around the outer wall of the growing cavity structure in this section, there are many through-holes arranged around the ring, which are used for multiple insulation, diversion, heat dissipation, and to ensure the normal service life of energy-saving lamps.