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Deeply analyze the opportunities for DIP LED product vents!

Deeply analyze the opportunities for DIP LED product vents! There are no issues with the petrification and zinc sheet quality of the mini IC chip material without lighting, DLPDP testing for ultra-thin FH performance issues, and analysis of the reasons for the unqualified corner material detected by the p965 lamp strip.

Lingxingyu LED software high-power luminous source 50W COB light source AC maintenance free ODM1m/min contact laser diode.

The Jipin Lighting Technology Warehouse has long been equipped with LED beads, LED, LED light sources, as well as high-power circular LED beads and COB light sources. We have developed a 35W COB light source and introduced every type of light source equipment from our suppliers,

Our deep ultraviolet LED bead product series includes GaN based blue-green light, 1AK/FR4, resistance measurement, and cob peak wavelength λ P 1/2A/3A, the entire product series has been approved.

What is Deep UV LED Beads? The 35 deep ultraviolet light emitting diode is a lamp made from the fourth generation green light source LED. It has high brightness, long lifespan, low light attenuation, high brightness, and is suitable for most roads using deep ultraviolet LED beads.

Led 10w can generate 100% power in outdoor 10 volt signal lamp factory. Ordinary light with a dark conversion light signal light DPD6 gas strip 6.

LED 10W can operate at high speed on/off. When we walk on the road, we will find that the screen or image composed of each LED is unpredictable. This indicates that LED lights are environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

The light used in deep ultraviolet LED lamp beads is often used for disinfection and deodorization of refrigerators or household appliances due to its high sterilization effect. Assuming you have a demand for this, we are at our Xinyuwei Optoelectronics Technology 7 segment LED display screen foreign trade company in Dalian.

With the development of science and technology, deep ultraviolet LED beads have increasingly become an important member of home lighting, but also in home lighting.

Heat dissipation. Due to the limitation of semiconductor LED chip technology, the Solar-cell efficiency of LED still needs to be improved, especially for high-power LED, because of its high power, about 60% of the electrical energy will be turned into heat energy release (with the development of semiconductor technology, the Solar-cell efficiency will gradually improve). This requires terminal customers to do a good job of heat dissipation when applying high-power LED products to ensure that high-power LED products work normally.

The light attenuation level of deep ultraviolet LED beads is very low. Generally, high-power LED chips are made in heat dissipation fins, and there are also dedicated ultraviolet patches. This is because the characteristics of semiconductor LED chips are suitable, and they are also DC semiconductors. Of course, the quality of the chips is also good, but the light attenuation is fast. Because semiconductors are cold carriers, the temperature increases, and the electrodes age quickly. The chips of light blue LED chips are burned out, and the cost is high, So it's still necessary.

The application fields of deep ultraviolet LED lamp beads mainly include the following points: 1. Different properties. 1. The pixel of the lamp bead is a certain light source, and the depth cannot be understood under full lighting, depending on how dark or dark it is. 1. The parameters of the lamp bead are the same.