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The most powerful 7 segment LED display screen supplier

The most powerful supplier of 7 segment LED display screens, with a group of outstanding R&D, manufacturing, and localization technical personnel, and excellent quality assurance - successfully developed and manufactured steel structures and pure electric vehicles in 2014, and a group of excellent industrial management personnel - successfully developed and manufactured steel in 2014.

The recommended domestic civilian brand for LED display screens is this factory, which not only has high-performance IP65 and national stock, but also has the quality of LED display screen monitoring and display in the future. Customization of suppliers and related products according to brand requirements for all application scenarios. Solution: Brand products have the highest cost-effectiveness of 10x7 (16A protection level, IP65 and national customization), high-end quality related components, ultra-low prices, excellent encryption technology, unique structural design, and customized methods for customers. The product design provides solutions for industrial grade and above products, covering industrial materials, civil electrical equipment, industrial dustproof IP65 and other products. The main products include identification plates, digital light sources, and specialized power supplies. Product specifications:>90 ± 16mm, full industry chain (customizable), should use the highest hardness reflective cup type to provide suitable visual effects for the light source.

Huachuang Optoelectronics has driven platforms at Xingang Airport, Hong Kong Customs, National Highway Airport, highway air transportation, port machinery, etc. Smart parking refers to the real-time system that converts, collects, and collects wireless signals through compounds, and marks them on urban parking spaces, public intersections, tunnels, and other places for automatic collection, real-time implementation, and real-time data transmission.

The use of ultra-high brightness LED can achieve performance requirements such as high luminous efficiency, long lighting range, wide detection mechanism, strong concealment of detection mechanism, complex structure, construction and maintenance.

The system provides basic support for electronic displays, Traffic sign, tunnel signs, expressway signs, intelligent traffic signs, etc