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SMD 2016 LED 0.5W Warm white

  • Band: ARKTECH
  • Name: 2016WW
  • Model: K-2016WWGHJY
  • CCT: 2800-3200K
  • Lumen: 50-55LM
  • Ra: 70Ra
  • Power: 0.5W
  • Current: 150MA
  • Voltage: 3.0-3.2V
  • Deg: 120
  • Raw material: Copper bracket / pure gold wire
  • Quantity: 4000pcs/reel
  • Size: 2.0*1.6*0.6MM
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  • Are there any safety concerns or precautions when working with SMD LED?
  • When working with SMD LED, there are safety precautions to take in order to best protect individuals from potential harm. It is important to properly ground and insulate the circuit board and equipment to prevent electric shock. In addition, when soldering SMD LED, use a dedicated solder gun and wear protective eyewear and clothing, as some solder fumes can be toxic in high concentrations. Lastly, avoid direct exposure of the LED’s operating current as this can cause heat and burning. If using such current, ensure adapting methods for cooling the LED. Emergency shutoff measures should also be implemented in case of any malfunctions. To ease any potential safety issues, make sure the working area is properly lit and clear of debris and obstructions. While these safety concerns will not guarantee complete safety, they will help to ensure the best outcome when using SM

    An Ultimate FAQ Guide:

    1.About SMD 2016 LED Warm white  MOQ

    We accept orders for a minimum of 1 reel.

    2.About SMD 2016 LED Warm white  quality system

    Our factory operates on an ERP system, which allows for efficient management and coordination of our operations. In addition, we are proud to have obtained ISO9001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

    3.About SMD 2016 LED Warm white  patent

    Over the years, we have dedicated significant resources to research and innovation, resulting in the acquisition of more than 24 patents. Our factory has been recognized as a high tech manufacturer in the Jiangsu province.

    4.About SMD 2016 LED Warm white  warranty

    We provide a warranty period of 2 years .

    5.About SMD 2016 LED Warm white  customization services

    We welcome customization requests for our products.

    6.About SMD 2016 LED Warm white  raw materials

    a.We adopts Epistar regular square dices. LEDs are ultra-long life and stable output High light efficiency and low light decay. b.We uses 99.99% gold wire welding.LEDs are fast heat dissipation, good conductivityGood stability and high temperature resistance. c.Excellent quality bracket.Easy to be tined, good thermal conductivity Silver-plated bracket, less prone to oxidation. d.Epoxy colloid.High color rendering, high temperature resistance

    7.About the scale of SMD 2016 LED Warm white  factory

    Our factory covers an area of 12000㎡, including a 600㎡ 10k class dust-free, anti-static workshop.

    8.About SMD 2016 LED Warm white  production skills training

    We require all our employees to undergo three months of training. Only after successfully passing a qualified test are they allowed to work on the production line. To further ensure the quality of our goods, we have implemented diagrams along the production line, providing clear instructions and guidelines. Additionally, our HD engineers conduct monthly training sessions to keep our team updated with the latest production techniques and practices.

    9.About SMD 2016 LED Warm white  payment method

    We offer payment options such as Paypal, TT (Telegraphic Transfer), or LC (Letter of Credit).

    10.About SMD 2016 LED Warm white  production equipment

    Our factory comprises three production departments, housing a total of 12 production lines. We have equipped these lines with over 120 automatic machines from renowned brands such as ASM and Kaijo.