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In recent years, the 7 segment LED display screen market has remained brilliant

In recent years, the 7 segment LED display screen market has remained brilliant. According to the American LED aiming point of LED display brand LED lamp bead brand, a variety of high-quality LED lighting products such as American Preh, American CREE, Osram, American Jinli, Taiwan Crystal, etc. are adopted, and actively support market expansion.

Label: LED () lighting display screen, origin of LED () module lighting; LED has the advantages of energy conservation, high efficiency, long lifespan, safety and environmental protection, and is a large display terminal that is heated and electronically lit by the environment; LED display screen is a large display terminal that is heated by the environment.

What is the energy-saving attenuation of LED lighting fixtures? The color temperature of LED lighting fixtures is controlled through bias voltage, which means they can be controlled. Therefore, LED lighting fixtures are designed with various colors, and the colors produced by red, yellow, green, and blue light sources are different. The chip is driven by direct switching technology, which can directly control the anode (Ga) and cathode through an aluminum substrate, usually made into a curved surface. For LED, due to the pulse signal, how many types of energy conversion light can be collected and converted? For LED, it can be manufactured through a controller, and its light source is a green lighting product. Therefore, its energy conversion light can improve the energy to mix strong and weak. The structural composition of the medium is the material layer, which is the load-bearing capacity of LED chips. Different properties of the medium usually have different carriers, and LED unit board modules are different in terms of structure, purpose, and application.

Luminous flux refers to the uniform light obtained by a light source through platinum powder under a certain ambient light intensity. This promotes the performance of some auxiliary light sources in terms of independent light exposure under light intensity, which is a technology that uses the light source to display indoors under certain environmental illuminance. For example, circular fluorescent lamps, grille lamps, square lamps, ground pillars, unit lamps, reflector covers, power supplies, lighting fixtures, etc.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor electronic component that can convert electrical energy into light energy. This electronic component appeared as early as 1962. In the early stage, it could only emit low luminosity red light. Later, other versions of Monochromatic radiation were developed. Today, the light that can be emitted has spread throughout visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet light, and the luminosity has also been improved to a considerable luminosity. And the purpose also changed from being used as indicator lights, display boards, etc. at the beginning; With the continuous progress of technology, LED have been widely used in displays, TV lighting decoration, and lighting