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Several lessons from the industry issues of 7 segment LED display screens

Several lessons from the industry issues of 7 segment LED display screens.

This product is an LED display screen placed on an MCU base plate, and this surface is also a product with LED beads. Please be sure to understand our product after-sales service until it is completely and correctly turned on.

The company's product structure mainly adopts high-voltage power LED and drivers, with each product having utility model patents or above, ensuring better quality.

Shell material: Made of various materials such as steel structure welding (inner circle, shape, square), it has advantages such as impact resistance, corrosion resistance, strong anti-interference ability, good tempered discharge effect, moisture resistance, wear resistance, and long service life, and the variety meets national regulations.

Lighting engineering: A full color display screen can display 1000 "mosaics", with 40% natural light. A set of full color display screens made of solar panels, with uniform light color and no black spots.

A modern LED advertising screen with exquisite appearance and production methods includes wall mounted, boom mounted, standing, rooftop mounted, mobile, fence mounted, photo taking, ramp, guardrail, ground and other traffic guidance information.

The characteristics of LED advertising screens: 1. High intensity luminescence, 90% of electrical energy is converted into light energy. The system can work normally depending on the application location, environment, and battery performance.

Long lifespan: The lifespan of the LED advertising screen can reach over 50000 hours, and the system has a lifespan of.

Large viewing angle: Indoor viewing angle can exceed 160 degrees, and outdoor viewing angle can exceed 120 degrees. The size of the viewing angle depends on the shape of the LED.

The screen area can be large or small, ranging from less than one square meter to hundreds or thousands of square meters;

Have you ever heard of indoor decoration, which can display the screen of indoor decoration with realistic effects.

Some necessary items for stadium installation need to be arranged according to the format of sports projects.

The facilities for installing sports stadiums are divided into indoor, outdoor, semi outdoor, suspended halls, halls, etc. according to the size of the sports environment.

Advertising equipment, neon advertising equipment, illuminated characters, etc.

The installation of the cinema may take a long time, and the composition of the lighting system needs to be designed from indoor installation to outdoor installation.

● The size of the sports stadium, large-scale events, admission, and audience seating.

Note: Whether indoors or outdoors, using LED lights with luminous characters requires IP protection, and the IP protection requirements are also very low