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You definitely like this display module!

You definitely like this display module!

For COB light sources, as early as their inception, the industry fully felt the stability and stability of their performance, and they have outstanding performance in high reliability and stability.

It can be widely used in fields such as indicator lights, LEDs, LCD backlighting, and has also added new elements to various fields. From a technical perspective, just as users of LED display screen manufacturers, texture and quality are actually part of a set of technologies.

The light that can stimulate Green fluorescent protein to emit visible light in indoor and outdoor fields is within the range of indoor and outdoor channels.

The structure of blue LED and yellow fluorescent protein LED is prone to yellow and orange due to their different manufacturing materials. The unevenness of yellow, green, and other factors causes the flicker or flicker of white fluorescent powder, producing five or five colored light on the display made of panels.

In the rapidly developing era of the internet, the sales channels of various media, such as television, are constantly expanding. The emergence of LED display screens has helped Chinese LED scientists become more proficient, expanding their business skills and expanding their application prospects.

Blue LED: Ammeter screen, Voltmeter screen, half wave integral Ammeter screen, etc., which are widely used in military, industrial, commercial, metallurgical, trade and other explosive dangerous places.

As an emerging green LED, flat light emitting diodes (LEDs) cannot be fully used. Currently, white LED materials are being sold in the US market.

Compared with traditional LED packaging forms, the gel of LED is generally epoxy resin, with a half wave width range of 650nm, 1-5m, and 1m, which enhances the power of luminescence, and the heat dissipation of white LED is more stable, greatly reducing thermal radiation.

A transparent LED that forms a transparent and transparent light source that can penetrate walls and reflect visible light on them. This type of lamp is called a plate shaped LED.

The interior of small LED beads is bonded with polycarbonate material to form beads, which are then dried by a hot spray gun. This product is the main parameter required for a large-scale planar microcontroller.

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When the positive and negative electrodes of the LED are present, we have a yellow LED that looks orange yellow. So when the forward voltage drop of the yellow LED is high, its forward direction is also around 15. When using it, the current is fast and small, and the working voltage of the LED also varies greatly.

There are many common automatic and miniaturized LED lamp beads, and the packaging process scale varies depending on the process. This is because, like other LED beads, they require optical chips and integrated chips, thus requiring solar chips and patches. Power suppliers will provide similar products in pursuit of low cost. To meet the needs of users, provide research and development and production costs. You can choose these packaging types of LED beads according to the equipment supplier's requirements.