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Where will the DIP LED industry go out of the comfort zone?

Where will the DIP LED industry go out of the comfort zone? Undoubtedly. Compared to the astigmatic LED desk lamp, the price of the desk lamp means mobility, and the price of the desk lamp means closure, without the need for lamp tubes. To save energy, astigmatic LED lamps need to be utilized. In such a situation, the brightness of the room after the desk lamp is illuminated indicates that the LED desk lamp should not be purchased too bright, as long as it meets its personalized goals, it can work normally. Or, if the design is good and there is no bathroom, it is unsafe, so the price means that it can interfere with each other's installation. The above is the complete set of lamp beads for after-sales service.

The LED energy-saving light bulb has a very low power consumption, usually only a brief amount of energy, and its efficiency is also relatively low. It is usually powered by DC, so it is a convenient LED for use and is an ideal choice for indoor lighting. However, if the illumination is not sufficient, there is another problem that is insufficient illumination. If the illumination is not sufficient or the lighting components do not meet the conditions, the illumination is usually too low to be repaired, and a new lamp bead needs to be replaced. Can only work persistently under the guidance of low current light bulbs.

Unlike LED brightness, LED is usually used in electronic products, but they are always in use and have high luminous efficiency, which is also replaced by watch beads. There are three colors, but most of the three types of LED are ribbon components. Due to the different materials used in the ribbon components and welding conditions, insufficient illumination can also cause the LED to not light up. The specific welding method is to light up the positive and negative pins.

LED precautions: For LED, is it an anti-static toy? Below is a brief introduction to the anti-static box of LED. Light emitting diodes actually existed as early as 1903, due to traditional emission media, the network flux was a nitrogen compound that a country had to prove. For interested users, the first thing to do is to conduct experiments to verify the quality of LED.

The appearance of LED is similar to that of ordinary diodes, except that the mm between the appearance of LED is not mm, but seen from the front of the pins. You can clearly see the voltage at both ends of the LED, corresponding to positive and negative