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In this way, we can negotiate with customers with 7 segment LED display screens without an order

How can we negotiate with a 7 segment LED display screen customer without an order? Of course, the previous issue is diverse, and many LED display screen manufacturers are admired because LEDs are LED, which are a type of semiconductor diode that can convert electrical energy into light energy. We also know that we need to combine LEDs in three primary colors: red, green, and blue separately!

In addition to the above three points, there is now a dedicated LED light on the street lights in our city, called solar street lights, which use solar energy to generate power. We can not only understand the positive and negative poles of the battery

We are also the same. When designing the system for the new district, we cannot ignore the distance between cities. Of course, how to turn off the lights? I suggest you do these things, but don't you understand? Are you thinking of buying one? Do you also have this habit? Are you determining your commercial use?

The implementation of LED street lights is due to its own advantages, and its application should still be noted under multiple industry conditions. What other advantages were introduced in advance?

The reasons and factors for utilizing solar street lighting pose many difficulties for urban street lighting manufacturers. The Shaanxi Provincial Government has officially clarified the "Energy Saving Street Lighting and Environmental Protection Street Lighting" policy.

Nowadays, many roads are basically equipped with LED street lights, but their lifespan has a "coincidence" with batteries. According to industry insiders, they are rarely used to replace batteries within a year. So do you know its lifespan? I don't know how many years it has been. Some street light installation manufacturers on the market have street lights, which are equipped with LED light emitting diodes on the surface and are suitable for this function. Do you know? Street lamp battery+defect.

Solar street lamp is generally composed of lamp cap, lamp pole, basic type and Searchlight. Solar street lights have recently invented a new concept - solar street lights are needed to power solar street lights, and the following content is gradually being implemented: promoting the use of traffic signal lights, effectively limiting the brightness of budget solar lights.

It is understood that the structure and size of solar street lamps can not only choose the price of solar street lamps, but also choose many types of solar street lamps.

This relatively new shape of lamp tube is generally transparent, and the lamp head is basically a lamp head relative to the lamp head in terms of highlights.

In addition, there are solar street lights with LED tubes on the market, which have significant energy-saving effects and are slightly better than ordinary street lights.

What is the luminous principle of double-sided street lights? Unlike other street lights, which require power and LEDs to emit light normally, double-sided street lights require the same power and high luminous efficiency LEDs to emit light at a light power of 15 degrees. The luminous efficiency of double-sided street lamps is high. In fact, as long as the lamp surface of the street lamp is rotated from the back direction, the direction and brightness of the headlights can be controlled to have a significant difference.