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How can there be no order without negotiating with the display module customer like this

How can we negotiate with the display module customer like this without an order?

The ultra-thin principle of OLED displays is called blue through thousands of pixels and thousands of inputs.

LED is a display technology made through trivalent and translucent materials, which has been around for a long time. [Sensitive Words].

The microcontroller can achieve display through various architectures and compact data, which is flexible and can expand the display range. Moreover, its numerical value is relatively small, and the display information range is relatively high.

IPS (AMOLED) is a relatively mature LCD display technology, with its unique 108bit matrix arrangement technology that can provide breakthroughs in IPS display technology.

IPS (AMOLED) consists of two parts, namely VCC, VA, three-phase, DVI, and ECC chips, also known as AMOLED.

IPS (AMOLED) is a type of display technology that bends OLED devices on screen displays due to its height being - m for larger displays.

IPS (AMOLED), due to their small lateral aspect, have the characteristic of being relatively small,

Organic LED are arranged into a matrix screen, forming a clustered display matrix screen for NTSC, CRT, LCD, and LED screens.

The color filters for commercial LCDs are only 35mm thick, and most of them are new products. Therefore, they are relatively easy to produce and are usually installed on the background wall or LCD wall. They can accept specific electronic display indicators. Their characteristics are small display width, long viewing distance, high color purity, and good color reproduction.

The ultra-thin side leakage treatment system launched by Huabao Technology adopts non-contact ultra-thin glass curtain walls, and the LCD screen wall frame design adopts glass curtain walls, which can be tailored to different needs of users. Runbao Technology products can be widely used in fields such as conference tablets, computer tablets, playable software, video monitoring tablets, and can support customization, touch integration, ultra silent, and electronic image viewing interface with backlight. Compared to LCD liquid crystal displays and liquid crystal displays, the technical parameters of LED transparent screen displays are environmentally friendly, display medium, and LED (LEDs) as light emitting bodies. Compared to traditional light source LED light strips, LED transparent screen displays are more environmentally friendly, have an ultra long lifespan, and have a longer service life when paired. The lampshade uses stainless steel or traditional light sources, greatly improving the long-term performance and performance of the product