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What do you know about the price of SMD LED

How much do you know about the price of SMD LED? Yes, it is the price of this product. Different LED require different prices. Next, let's talk about it.

The LED on the market are mainly made of phosphorized claw (GaAs), phosphorous Aluminium arsenide (GaAs) and nitrided.

At present, the smallest LED is also a 38V LED bead, which can be customized according to its model.

From the appearance, the connection between them is a metal bracket made of aluminum, with the pin being the positive electrode and the material also being a metal support.

They are still different, but they also need to maintain high functionality and not easily turn yellow. LED lights.

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Light decay generally refers to its lumen value. After the battery on the surface of the photosensitive drum is charged, as the positive charge on the surface of the photosensitive drum accumulates, the potential continues to rise and finally reaches the 'saturated state' potential, which is a large potential. The surface potential will decrease over time.

● Power consumption. The working voltage of a general LED is 2-36V and the working current is 002-003A, so its power consumption does not exceed 01W.

There are three situations that require repair: LED flashing, LED off, and driver failure. How should we conduct inspections and repairs in the face of this situation? Today, the editor will organize it for everyone. This is a common LED indicator maintenance technique.

The healthy lighting of SMD LED beads has always been a concern for people. The definition of 'health lighting' has been constantly changing from the past without flicker and radiation to the current full spectrum SMT LED beads. At present, the full spectrum of SMD LED beads seems to have become the 'key' to healthy lighting, an unavoidable key technology.

Why does SMD LED emit light when current passes through compound semiconductors, through the combination of electrons and holes, excess energy will be released in the form of light, achieving the effect of emitting light. SMD LED solves problems such as brightness, viewing angle, flatness, size, etc. very well.

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