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Analysis of invalid procurement contracts for display modules

Analysis of invalid procurement contracts for display modules: Display module procurement maker LED large screen.

When selecting the appropriate display screen, the following question arises: What is the reason for the display screen malfunction and maintenance when the display screen is not working? Below, the editor of Yiguang will share with you common fault diagnosis methods for monitors, correct circuit design and troubleshooting methods, and correctly determine the cause.

The issue with splash screen: In the same control system, the CPU splash screen cannot have any defects. If the power supply is defective, the screen, Shanghai telephone or Shanghai Publicity Club will send the screen and Shanghai Publicity Club to the relevant departments. If the power supply is poor, the screen or the same level factory of the Shanghai telephone is damaged, the screen may not work properly.

LED Digital display advertising media also has a high effective arrival rate. LED display screens are cheaper compared to media formats such as television and newspapers. This unique value makes LED advertising screen media a natural upstart for outdoor media. Unlike traditional outdoor media, LED full color screens are not just pure outdoor media. At the same time, it also possesses the characteristics and advantages of media such as television. There is a large space for creation and extensive interaction with consumers. This is a unique screen form that meets personal needs and embodies the concept of digital communication.

We often encounter this issue when using LED displays. When the product is first used, the LED display screen can work normally, but after a period of time, there will be phenomena such as dim light, flickering, malfunctions, intermittent lighting, and serious damage to the product. According to Dayuan Intelligent, a manufacturer of LED display screens in Shenzhen, the reasons for this phenomenon are roughly as follows.

The aging methods of LED include constant current aging and constant voltage aging. A constant current source means that the current remains constant at all times. There is a frequency issue, not a constant current. That is, the time of communication or discharge. The energy of AC or discharge is E=3LM