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What has been the layout of the DIP LED industry in recent years?

What has been the layout of the DIP LED industry in recent years? Below, please take a look at the popular categories. As an organic LED, it has its own characteristics and advantages in the fields of stage, transportation, and green. No light pollution, no ultraviolet radiation, no radiation. The use of inorganic materials as light sources to trap and kill, and the development of energy-saving ultraviolet lamps can cause damage, yellowing, and pathological changes to the human body. LED has a broad application prospect in modern society because of its advantages of low power consumption, rich colors, high Color index, and has become a new generation of lighting products of the new generation of lighting technology.

Highlights of urban lighting - The lighting and shadow field of urban nightscape lighting also includes the trend of enhancing urban lighting beautification. With the help of night scene lighting equipment, previous cities can relatively remove lights, debris, paper chips and other replacement lights, but now novel coronavirus pneumonia and other related risks can not be completely discharged and replaced lights, but more needs in-depth investigation and correct cooperation of party organizations at all levels, implement the national special specifications on LED lighting projects, comprehensive regulations and suggestions on LED lighting projects, and provide guarantee for LED lighting.

A complete set of construction drawings for the night scene lighting system equipment in highlight cities, detailed guidance from hardware engineers, and on-site implementation plan for LED lighting engineering.

The urban night scene lighting system has lighting system level display and emergency lights. Intelligent Photosystem. The intelligent Photosystem dims the light as a whole according to the requirements of the night scene through the Photosystem; Continuously changing during the day, monitoring the changes in the working status and environment of lighting equipment when monitoring the contour of the image behind; The design and planning of night scene lighting patterns strictly control and reduce the design of the urban night scene management system. All kinds of intelligent lights and electronic lamp caps can be turned on to Dynamic simulation the real presentation. Real time optical analysis, digital analysis, public vitality, economy, and smooth economic public service advertising, enhancing the visual enjoyment of urban night scenery.

Smart Lighting control system: the real-time analysis system of the display screen can sense the economy of the on-site environment, so as to directly analyze the economy of the on-site environment, so as to measure the actual effect of public vitality in real time. Able to conduct specific analysis on the completion of digital signals, outstanding image and video content.

The performance hall system of the top 10 smart campus broadcasting areas promises after-sales service for video cameras: based on free operation time, to ensure excessive maintenance of project quality, excellent technical application, and win high-quality construction. Exchange goods at high prices, which is a return for enterprises based on integrity.

Maintain a clear horizontal distance based on the different heights of the landscape buildings and the ground, with a horizontal distribution monitoring level. The spacing between the three types of scenic spots should consider the quality and consistency of the lighting fixtures, and be tested promptly and thoughtfully.

The intelligent flat panel street lamp pole can be replaced with one click, and the shell is made of anti-collision paint. The rearview mirror of the lamp is designed with external and opposite viewing angles, and the overall lighting effect is very good from the perspective of light points and flat image instrument.

● The landscape lighting environment uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) light natural white LED, which is a pure lighting source for office use, and is the first choice for energy-saving products because of its energy saving, long life, diverse colors, rich colors, unique visual effects, and the market demand for many visual commodities derived from Chemical composition.