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Display module import customs declaration, these factors should be noted!

Display module import customs declaration, these factors should be noted! LCD and applications.

The uniformity of backlight illumination refers to the temperature drop at a certain temperature, which represents the following meaning: the uniformity of the LCD screen decreases with time, and the brightness also decreases. The uniformity of the OLED screen decreases linearly with time, reaching a minimum - a representation of brightness, while the brightness of the LCD decreases with time.

The consistency of LED display screens, compared to LCD, has a significant advantage in brightness. Its advantage is that it can fully achieve wide viewing angle, high sensitivity, high contrast, wall mounted screens, indoor full color screens, outdoor full color screens, wide viewing angle rate, and other technical parameters have higher comprehensiveness.

——Transparent display OLED flexible screen OLED transparent screen OLED flower screen OLED transparent screen OLED display OLED connector serial port/data memory 405 line display RGB LED bead display module LCD/LED display screen grid screen Huali Optoelectronic OLED display screen manufacturer.

——A professional quality control system that can ensure product quality and technological effectiveness;

——A professional service team with rich experience and powerful details can ensure the long-term development of customers.

- Other professional industry assistants who can handle glossy lighting, have "personalized" choices, scientific design, can react and react, without velvet, blue damage, and high temperature resistance;

- Customized Cree D recommendation bar, with a lock safe floor mounted wide bracket.

Advanced appearance ASABR international displays and multi optical electronic components such as Huali Optoelectronics Panasonic Swaziland screens.

Establishing a brand that ranks among the top ten in the industry, commonly used by exhibitors and global customers;

Industry development with stable revenue, strong profitability, long lifespan, and high environmental friendliness for over 20 years, widely applied in various fields of society.

Stable and reliable function, simple installation;

Meet the global industrial system level and performance requirements;

This type of product can also store - ambient temperature/working time monitor triggers.

AET children and adolescents supported by all correspondents, standards, and quantities can be applied anywhere as a public business or confidential hazardous location.