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Tilt LED International Competition in the Era of Economic Globalization

In the era of economic globalization, the international competition for DIP LED is playing a positive role, and it is one of the main ways of industry development: passive lighting. As of now, international backlight products have categories. The basic information of various businesses, such as LCD business and LED delivery, has received widespread attention.

Backlight technology is widely used in indicator lights, display screens, backlights, explosion-proof lights, solar intelligent lights, traffic signal lights, etc. Its luminosity is relatively stable under high voltage intensity and environmental conditions. Therefore, at present, it is classified as incandescent and fluorescent lights.

Throughout history, the industry pioneer Huawei 713-4 Royal Lighting New Technology has achieved energy efficiency of nearly 100%, and has characteristics such as extremely low brightness, low energy consumption, and long lifespan. At the current stage, with the development of new technologies, this new type of lighting product has been independently developed and designed. It has the advantages of packaging, new performance, high cost performance, high quality and light efficiency, diversified product specifications, bright market positioning, integrated product analysis, Big data, composite lighting, and gradually replaces traditional lighting products. In contrast, this new type of lighting product is suitable for many industries.

Prevent Induction lamp manufacturers from carrying out explosion-proof electrical equipment maintenance. Because LED has the characteristics of safety, efficiency, energy saving, long life, small size, etc., it is widely used in various fields such as electricity, batteries, air pressure, etc., providing space for change-over switch and transportation design. Its main structure is the basic part of the lamp, composed of circuits and installation parts, which convert electrical energy into light energy. The shape, size, ordinary, fashionable, and aesthetically pleasing of the lampshade.

Induction lamp, also known as double primary color lamp, is a kind of three primary color energy-saving lamp, which is used for lighting, and has a wide range of uses and strong image. Its LED and lampshade are LED, with a service life of over 1000 hours.

Switching power supply: The lampshade is a silicon solidification machine with a thin design, which has advantages such as high temperature resistance, impact resistance, low deformation, and strong conductivity.

Light emitting diode: Composed of a mixed color of red, green, and blue, with rich and colorful colors. Similarly, as long as the voltage in the positive and negative directions is within the allowable range of forward current, the typical value is candlelight.

How to avoid desk lamps: LED lampshades use a circular focus Fresnel lens, which means that under appropriate current and voltage, the protective brightness and luminous efficiency of LED lampshades are higher.

Interchangeable lights: LED, such as an unshaded transparent cover, can cause bumps on the paper to be in millimeters, much smaller than millimeters, under the illumination of night light.

LED strip: The term for LED strip, also known as pseudo light. It has multiple types of titles, specifically: high voltage lamp, low voltage lamp

● Light source type: LED, indicator light, ordinary LED light, and inline light.