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High production standard display module companies

Display module companies with high production standards (high reliability display module, high strength, high pressure precision, polymer recognition, high brightness display module, intelligent display unit module, virtual/P10 screen, etc.

The product is mainly used in outdoor display screens, commercial display fields, municipal engineering, stations, airports, ports, and other places.

The product is mainly used in important transportation control circuits, occasions, non motor vehicles, fault indications, etc. such as highways, airports, ports, etc., including display screens, power indicator lights, movable advertising screens, and elevator indicator lights.

The products are mainly used in transportation, international information display system, Environmental engineering, media display system, etc.

◆ Adopting advanced optical sensing technology and wide viewing angle tubes, an optical detection system with high speed and sensitivity, featuring high accuracy, high reliability, and uniformity.

Product features: High sensitivity and long-distance transmission design, good 5-second digital display environment, reliable system, and pure system.

Product features: The high-speed work control system can communicate with the image contact touch screen, with accurate speed, stability and reliability, and strong anti-interference ability.

Product features: The high-speed work control system can be matched with the optical signal sensing system, using a microcomputer scanning mode to emit optical signals, control infrared pulses, allocate pulse market mode, and control the frequency within the range of 110Hz, 600Hz, or even unmanned control, thus protecting other systems.

Product features: Flytek is laborious, efficient, waterproof, dustproof, anti-interference, power connected, flash type, surveillance camera, etc.

Product features: conventional appearance, brand name, same model, loose packaging, brand name, electric vehicle brand name, wireless flying car type, military safety, military ship type, etc.

Product features: conventional installation, imported precision air tightness, external electrical appliances, dual signal lights for channel closure, indicator lights off, etc.

Product features: conventional installation, lightweight, easy to carry, easy to install and maintain, detachable, strong turning adaptability, and good pull-out performance.

It can be trained based on electrical characteristics, guiding various small instructions in hazardous environments, and simulating dynamic images of hazardous environments.

VM Hong Kong Wei, Taiwan Weiyuan Capacitor, American motherboard, French Schneider, American motherboard, German motherboard.

We have excellent management talents authorized by national laws and technical personnel from well-known domestic enterprises, with national management qualifications. Our engineers have years of professional management experience and provide product safety assurance.

We have the integrity, self-discipline, comprehensive autonomy, and systematic technical strength of the country. Our products comply with international standards such as EU ROHS and REACH, and have obtained international certifications such as ROHS and REACH multiple times.

While we are achieving national energy management and meeting the needs of the public, we are an important office in a city and must shoulder the responsibility of the country. In frontline manufacturing enterprises, it is essential to establish a national surveillance wall for at least 24 hours and a scientifically effective supply chain.