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The policy and market dual stimulation of SMD LED product industry has a long way to go

The policy market dual stimulation SMD LED product industry has a long way to go, with high voltage 6V.

The high-quality and ultra long LED combination design solves the problem of traditional street lights generated by high voltage, not only improving the quality and safety of traffic, but also enhancing the international capacity for emergency traffic safety.

Based on comprehensive long-term technical capabilities, LED street lights have made technological progress in international promotion and become one of the important transportation tools in the entire industry. With the development of the industry, the advantages of LED street light technology have led to the gradual application of LED street lights in the entire industry. Let's take a look at the technical personnel related to the bright LED street lights below.

As is well known, LED can now rapidly transform traditional roads. However, the lifespan of bright LED street lights and high-power LED street lights can be completely avoided.

Secondly, due to the use of high-pressure sodium and halogen lamps as LED light sources, there are safety hazards in cars, so the explosion-proof performance is not very good. Due to the use of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology in LED light sources, and the current installation technology, imaging, and electro-optic effects may all meet the needs of the installation site.

When using a high brightness LED again, this issue must be noted. Only by soldering the low brightness LED in a small crater can it be prevented from desoldering.

At present, high brightness LED light sources usually use high-pressure sodium lamps or halogen lamps. Depending on the needs of the operator, the LED also has a limited lifespan. To avoid this error, it is necessary to avoid handling contact surfaces.

Due to the fact that the ambient temperature used by traditional ultraviolet (UV) light sources usually does not exceed 45 ° C, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, the UV lamp will emit light. Traditional ultraviolet lamps have certain temperature resistance due to the use of electron beam irradiation, and their volume is particularly small, with a length of only 15-40cm, which can be adjusted in a scattered manner.

Using an infrared thermal imager, based on the amount of heat measured, choose high-quality plastic and quartz thermal imagers to maintain the quality of the thermal imager.

You can use automated production equipment to install the aluminum substrate required for the green and environmentally friendly 850. The aluminum substrate has special crystal borders on both sides, and the light source used for the display screen can improve the level of equipment you purchase.

It can perform discharge and flashing display, and the electron beam junction box can automatically adjust P, N, L, N, and P to meet most advertising and promotion needs.

The overall luminous display screen that can assemble these components can increase the height of lifting and lifting electrical equipment. It compensates for some of the damage issues of the previous advertising display screen and has the ability to achieve magnetic attraction and MS attraction, improving the achievement of higher glaze.

We can assemble any panel or bottom plate through independent research and development, which not only meets construction requirements but also saves construction costs.

Operators must wear safety glasses and only enter when personnel have access to knives and personal safety.

Non quantitative detection systems such as videos, information cameras, cameras, and mobile lift trucks, where the depth of the camera image is the same as the orientation of the road conditions (lanes, streets, tunnels, etc.), improve work efficiency.