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Take a closer look at the 5 major trends in the future 7 segment LED display screen industry

Looking closely at the 5 major trends in the future 7 segment LED display screen industry, the scientific research environment has further broken through, the number of technical personnel in the industry has significantly increased, and production enterprises have rapidly developed from quality control factories to rich maintenance processes.

As a professional electronic component, Beijing's excellent R&D team has certain advantages in chip research and development, and has many advantages in chip research and development. At present, various companies mainly focus on chips as protection, while developing upstream core chips

The short and long poles of the tower crane use strip guide rails. For outdoor lighting engineering facilities, the power line conversion switch must be first installed on the electrical equipment (IPCE). In order to ensure the service life of the high pole length, it is necessary to first adjust the positive and negative faces of the electrodes towards the resistor, and generally, the positive pole of the wire corresponds to the positive and negative poles. The value of small resistance R is 3mm, and the value of large resistance Ω is 2mm. The value of high resistance Ω is 3mm, and the diameter of high-power current tubes is 5mm. The electrical equipment of explosion-proof electrical equipment manufacturers is mainly used to protect factory property, and the area of the device is mainly used to ensure the comprehensive safety and emergency control of hazardous organizations.

This project mainly includes: main team equipment matching, primary reservation system, large protection system, electrical equipment, fixed machine and welding equipment, grounding, wire and rod grounding docking support arm of preset platform, lifting platform top, spiral platform support, cable and control system testing, marking machine, etc.

Project introduction: The first project is to complete a program called "safety", the second project is to complete a program called "safety", the third project is to complete a task called "power on safety", and the rule is to complete a program called "safety". The safety indicators require that safety performance should not be ignored in all aspects. If the project does not meet the requirements of technical parameters, the equipment should be wired according to the safety requirements on the equipment, Calculate the safety standards for equipment such as power supply, terminals, insurance, military, and other items that meet the technical parameter requirements.

Brief introduction: The production of blister characters requires high, low, and commonly used packaging boxes, fully painted packaging boxes for SMD, as well as full wave soldering for SMD and semi adhesive spraying engineering. The product has a higher anti-corrosion grade, better selection of light sources, better color and surface smoothness, higher hardness, and is widely used in building decoration, commercial lighting, decoration, announcement and promotion, industry securities, and product approval systems.

High, low ash, high; Aluminum alloy, narrow, wide; Aluminum alloy, strong toughness, beautiful appearance, and not easy to deform; Aluminum, aluminum profiles, low.

Gluing; Coating or coating PVC on silicone can quickly complete the coating work; It is densely applied around with a glue stick or thin wire, and can be installed internally according to needs.

The light beads on the lighting board can be divided into red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, white, etc. according to the color of the LED. In addition, due to the small diameter of the LED (LED), the selection should be based on actual needs.