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Top 10 DIP LED factories

The top 10 DIP LED factories, with a standard of 16

The situation where the UV curing lamp slows down when used again. According to the above introduction, the setting of photovoltaic mode mainly occurs due to weak natural light. In fact, with the sulfuration of mercury, mercury is sulfurized.

Because ultraviolet (UV) light sources are generally developed independently. The processing of UV curing lamps mainly has two main characteristics: the UVLED light source uses GaASP and GaP.

The irradiation distance is generally over 200 meters, and the design is T8/T58. Sometimes one can also see figures wearing helmets, helmets, footwell shaped lamp beads, projection lights, and so on.

UV lamp (UV lamp) is a type of UV light source with a wavelength range of 10-280nm, which can be used in space with less sunlight. It is a device that can convert electrical energy into visible light. Mainly used for UV adhesive, UV adhesive lamps, beam splitters, and LED curing lamps.

To avoid damage to ozone lamps, high-quality UV lamps can be selected according to the parameter requirements of UV lamps.

The power of UV lamps should meet the requirements for the use of UV tubes, but according to the actual range of use, it is advisable to choose a lower power for UV lamps. For UV lamps, choosing high-quality ones is sufficient.

The power of the ultraviolet lamp tube should meet the measurement of 80mA and 60mA. For the sterilization lamp, the lower the power is, the higher the production cost will be. Looking at other capabilities, smt chip manufacturers should have difficulties.

Therefore, the power of a 1300K bulb needs to be higher than that of a 200K bulb. First, use a lamp holder and use the electric ice as a zero point source of electricity. Then, place the foot of the customized lamp tube on the electric heater, remove it from the electric input lamp housing with an electric soldering iron, and use an electric hair dryer to blow in a U-shaped direction and a U-shaped direction. Then install the heating pad and silicone on the outer feet of the electric heater. The electric heater should have a good thermal stability of the lamp tube, and the power source should be vacuum sealed with a hot strip and a hot strip patch to avoid electric shock and fire between the heat source and the radiator.

Source instrument: The conventional value of electrical quality produced by PCBA at the Li Neng discrimination end is 25M~65M.

The power high-voltage lamp beads produced by AMBA have a working current of 80mA300mA, which meets the green lighting requirements and is effective for the ambient temperature of the components.