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Top 10 7 segment LED display companies

The top 10 LED display companies in the seven segments have a single and dual color LED display screen, with only one type of heat dissipation LED. The heat dissipation LED uses LED, which are currently the most widely used type of heat dissipation LED. Within a few years, the heat dissipation problem has been well solved, thus achieving the development of electronic devices.

LED display screens are becoming more and more widely used, but due to the lack of specificity, specificity, and other special factors of various screen manufacturers, the competition among LED manufacturers is also very fierce. However, currently the main LED manufacturers are LED as a derivative of display screens. So how to choose LED as a lower cost and brighter LED bead for display screens? Besides chips, what other options are there?

Ultra high brightness and ultra high brightness: LED display screens use LED light sources, also known as LED, which determine their color as LED display screens.

High brightness: LED display screens use LED, commonly known as LED display screens, which are specialized advertising terminals for the 21st century. It has the advantages of high brightness, high contrast, high Refresh rate, etc. If the LED display screen fails or fails, it can automatically restore and restore the display.

● Flatness: The surface flatness of the LED display screen should be within ± 1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted, and local protrusions or indentations will cause the display angle to be invisible to the audience. Flatness is mainly achieved by installing customized sensors on the display screen and building to ensure the normal operation of the display screen. Due to the increase in area, various devices and devices on the media screen are easy to access.

The steel structure design of outdoor LED advertising screens should be strengthened to have high moisture resistance, and the combination of the direction and area of buildings in the rental environment should be combined to form a public screen. If there is a rust problem on the surface of the building, it should be adjacent to the screen, and the opposite facade should be treated with rust prevention to eliminate paint spraying and hardening. Public screen mounted floodlights are usually suitable for decoration in large-scale building exterior walls, green trees, temporary structures between buildings, bridges, docks, parks, specific corridors, and other places.

The indoor ZBCled display screen has been installed with light source and control, and has advantages such as large viewing angle, good light distribution, high brightness, short response time, uniform color difference, no local garbled code, assembly and debugging. It is a new material for visual decoration display and information release. It is based on the principle of luminescence: The III energy group from Munich, USA is installing a visual LED display screen in the Munich office.

The main difference between a visual LED display screen and a fixed HUB display screen lies in packaging and fixation, while the LED patch is made of silicone, which is suitable for easy to change, fragile, and can be ignited arbitrarily due to production conditions. The welding characteristics of special LED can improve the control distance, have strong brightness uniformity, and have a long lifespan; Energy saving lamps generally increase bidirectional control current between the positive and negative poles.

Operating voltage of the power distribution cabinet: 220V 3 AC 220V 50HZ Model: GALTER LED ST8LED 830 Brightness voltage: M-160 ° C Working temperature. 40 ° C~90 ° C Product Usage: Intelligent Building Intelligent Equipment Motor Control

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