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Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the DIP LED industry

Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the DIP LED industry, with the emergence of LED flat organic light emitting diodes (4826 shaped bead flat LED lighting fixtures).

The teaching experimental box is infinite, and the small power LED light with 1W of dim LED light is used to separately summarize the aging data of the LED light.

There are tutorials for utilizing circuits and related work. When guiding single or multiple objects connected in series or parallel to operate devices with an absolute scale of less than 250 meters, they can be immediately disassembled.

There is an overview of how to replace integrated circuit LED lights when they are broken, and maintenance specifications.

LED lights should have a good sense of safety when used in daily maintenance or planning conditions, otherwise it may cause electric shock.

Porcelain 1-3W has a bright red, blue, and green color with bright lines, which are cheap and single in price.

When processing LED patches, there are red, yellow, blue, green, pure green, white, blue, purple, and seven colors. The manufacturer suggests that you can test your LED patch coating through the following methods. Additionally, during visual inspection.

The high-power vision of LED lights can reach 60-70nm, with blue light or yellow, and yellow accounting for the total spectrum. The standard four elements are cold cathode light emitting diodes, which make the light soft and not dazzling. Red, yellow, green, and blue are commonly imported; Industrial aluminum: yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, etc; Aluminum: yellow, acid, alkali aging, red, yellow, green, blue. 70-90 counting pixel scanning distance of 300 meters, silicone: 2AB, process: series testing: using a universal wafer measuring instrument for inspection.

Application areas: LED spotlights, LED tunnel lights, LED floodlights, LED light strips, LED floodlights, LED light strips, LED power supplies, LED emergency lights, LED lighting engineering, LED projection lights, LED landscape lights, LED buried lights, LED light poles, etc.

>LED industrial lighting>LED industrial spotlights>LED industrial lighting.

What are the characteristics of LED industrial and mining lights: high luminous efficiency: achieved through chip fixation, soldering, packaging, and other methods LED spotlights.

>LED heat dissipation technology>LED industrial and mining lights. The optical design of LED industrial and mining lamps using heat dissipation technology includes incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamps, fluorescent tubes, and LED light sources, providing a very comfortable visual experience for the human eye. The main reason is that LED light sources are used in indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and other aspects.

The optical design of LED mining lamps mainly includes the following three aspects: one is the optical design of lighting sources, and the other is the field of light emission. The optical design of LED industrial and mining lights includes parameters such as fluorescent tubes, current, voltage, brightness, wavelength, and the power performance of LED industrial and mining lights.