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The most popular 7 segment LED display screen distributor

The most popular 7 segment LED display screen distributor_ Weihai City.

LED is a type of diode that uses LED as a light source for emitting light. Compared to traditional incandescent lamps, it has the most prominent advantages.

● Low power consumption: LED uses Luminescence technology. The energy consumption of outdoor LED display screen is only 10% of that of incandescent lamp and 1/4 of that of energy-saving lamp, which can better meet the brightness requirements of outdoor LED advertising signs.

The intensity of the display screen that can be scanned at will is 18 ° C higher than the outdoor ambient temperature, and the screen area should be larger than the outdoor LED display screen, which should meet the brightness requirements of outdoor LED advertising signs.

Large area: Outdoor LED display screens can be freely extended and seamlessly spliced.

Easy installation: Without the need for buried cables or rectifiers or connectors, the advertising screen can be directly spliced to the bottom of the feet, and achieve true full mode. At present, before installing outdoor billboards, it is necessary to install the advertising screen on the ground using tools such as guardrails and suspension rods. It is also possible to splice the advertising screen together and provide on-site decoration content.

As a carrier of outdoor advertising media, the red green blue light source has the following advantages.

High brightness: The outdoor LED display screen has a brightness greater than 8000mcd/m2, making it a large display terminal that can be used outdoors all day long; The brightness of the indoor LED display screen is greater than 2000md/m2.

Long lifespan: LED has a lifespan of over 100000 hours (ten years), which generally refers to the design lifespan, even if the brightness is dim;

Large viewing angle: Indoor viewing angle can exceed 160 degrees, and outdoor viewing angle can exceed 120 degrees. The size of the viewing angle depends on the shape of the LED.

The screen area can be large or small, ranging from less than one square meter to hundreds or thousands of square meters;

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As the leader of the new generation of LED display screens, when designing creative display screens in Suzhou, it is important to first understand some models of Ningbo LED display screens

With the advancement of LED display technology, the brightness and color of LED displays are becoming increasingly rich, and the application of LED displays is also becoming more and more widespread. In general, it has attracted widespread attention in large cities such as shopping malls, hotels, and schools, as the popularity of LED displays is the degree of technological complexity that needs to be achieved in various fields.

P10 outdoor full color LED display screen is composed of LED arrays, which can be divided into P10 outdoor full color LED display screen, P5 outdoor full color LED display screen, and LED indoor LED display screen according to the weather and large outdoor media billboards, just like in outdoor environments.