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Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the 7 segment LED display screen industry

Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean in the 7 segment LED display screen industry is emerging. LED bead manufacturers are popularizing flash lighting fixtures.

LED Beads 5MM Inline Dual Color LED Beads Mist Like Co positive Co negative LED Full Color Series.

LED bead plug-in F5 straw hat LED bead color complete plug-in LED.

LED bead 5mm direct insertion infrared emission tube 05-1W-F5 infrared emission tube 850nm-940nm emission tube.

LED Beads 0805 SMD Infrared Emission Tube LED 850NM940NM High Emission Power LED Beads.

If you choose an old style product for the appearance of our product, we will choose its (red, green, f5), red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, R49, DF20, Y1, R49, Y126, DF444, DF32, Philips 50 yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, and other multi-component synthetic LED beads.

How to check for discoloration and failure of LED beads? LED beads are supposed to have colors during the day, but under high temperature and intensity conditions, they themselves will become unlit for ten thousand years. Not only is it a good daytime light, but it will also cause the color coordinates on the surface of LED beads to vary with different qualities. What determines the reason for LED bead discoloration? Let's verify it now.

When it comes to the reason for LED bead discoloration and failure, the color temperature inside the 2835 bead should be around 3000K, which is what you said to be 60. If you can find the most suitable color temperature, then the appropriate color temperature difference is the best color temperature, so that you can have a full color range of 72 degrees.

How to handle the discoloration failure of LED lamp beads? Let's take a look now. First of all, let's talk about the method of LED bead discoloration failure.

Many times, the color difference between the lamp beads and the LED patches can reach 80%. Of course, the issue of lamp beads is also very troubling today. The color temperature of the lamp beads.

With the development of cities and commerce in China, the application of lamp beads is becoming increasingly widespread, which helps to extend the service life of lamp beads. Let's take a look at the common types of bead chips: LED bead color temperature bead: This parameter bead is made of high-strength alloy wire, which can be directly cut into a C-shaped light source.

The packaging technology of LED beads is widely used in discrete devices. Let's take a look: The cost of discrete devices for LED beads is very important for the beads, and the main significance of distinguishing between good and bad is to detect the quality of the beads, which is crucial for LED beads.