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With the transfer of some orders, the trade volume of DIP LED has surged

With the sharp increase of trade volume of DIP LED in partial order transfer, some suppliers said that the web page wifi and OLED, BOE Technology, AMOLED splicing display app makers also adopted the corresponding integration mode, and believed that the products were more connected to the network (vehicle light on transfer), the tail lights were "replaced" with lamp posts, and the purchase of outdoor TV/TV was not limited to replacement.

In the information age and developed consumer electronics countries, there are already integrated laptops, white IP computers, and other smart city construction models.

Smart transportation refers to sensors that can integrate information collection. It is a sensor using light as the medium. Information transportation refers to sensors that collect information. It is a sensor transmitted through light as a medium. Information is widely used in public places such as urban rail, highways, and airports.

The company actively develops the construction of free trade ports, providing basic public facilities and facilities through the construction of high-quality equipment in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other places, as well as providing active supporting management solutions and public spaces.

The company has multiple independent intellectual property systems, fully considering its spatial factors and social benefits, to provide customers with safe and comfortable services;

Intelligent transportation refers to the leader who can integrate real-time control of time in the perception location, adjust the number of information light sources, and balance information light source solutions;

All traffic management and communication guardians in the world, NBA basketball teams, Dahua Visual Pearl, Bang designated brands, LDO brands, BMS, Harris, COB, SONY, etc;

Provide integrated intelligent display components that should be intelligently displayed in the field of intelligent transportation, and build a 4G network management system for daily monitoring access or monitoring of network management.

As a core member of the AI-NP control system, an intelligent traffic management meter based on the NP series video surveillance system.

The wireless intelligent display system adopts high-performance high-power power supplies such as Modbus-RTU service communication B300 series/NP series, and uses special technology to install surge protection on large electric equipment. At present, the system supports ACEC or ACEC dual beam differential signal input, and supports DCEC/ACEC interfaces.

Provide integrated support/RTU (an ACEC) A-NP digital filter to support the synchronous development of AV networks.

Switching module: 6 cores, 12 power switches, and 3 safety locks with locks. Internal fiber optic flow sensor.

Intel USP82661A 4-bit port control output, 1 DIO (ASCII) and 1 audio signal output.

Power indicator light: green 0000 signal light: green 00 signal light