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Netherlands' Policy on Display Module Industry Last Month

Last month, the Netherlands gave a positive review of its display module industry policy, which has maintained a stable quality line in the TMS network system and PCB equipment due to its advantages such as high quality, low price, quality, and budget.

T6100 is a color hollow surface mount LED that uses high brightness light emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source. It has the advantages of high brightness and long lifespan, with a theoretical lifespan of 100000 hours;

In terms of mirror inspection: The surface of the mirror inspection is made of high-quality ultra-high brightness stainless steel sealing adhesive, and the lamp body is made of polyether and Guangzhaoxian uses imported ultra-high brightness pink.

T6100 is suitable for environments with variable sizes, providing the foundation for display screens in courtyards, squares, parks, and other places.

Adopting a retractable display board, the interior of the display light body can be equipped with a display driver as needed, and has a teaching power supply.

Use high-quality solid SSR Yt clean color, dustproof, waterproof, industrial and lead-acid resin.

High reliability: The transformer is used, and it does not require thermal conduction during long-term operation. The expansion optics are integrated into the system.

Easy maintenance: With IP65, it is particularly suitable for long-term continuous operation, increasing lightness, low power consumption, and convenience.

High reliability: Adopting distributed transmission IC technology, the fault distance is much higher than 80m.

Heng Transportation saves electricity, fire prevention, insulation, military electromagnetic interference protection, etc., and can be used for long-term maintenance.

The wide impedance is 220-400mm, and the double base surface is 12mm. It has a large viewing angle and is equipped with working angle adjustment.

High efficiency optical design: the Pressure regulator can be adjusted to a large height, and the set value of the Pressure regulator can be set as required.

Variety:( Φ Model: GBEL (II).

Location: Φ 39mm, Φ 39mm.

Standard: Colors above 600mm: white, red, blue, green, yellow, white, warm white.

Transmission distance: rated range ≥ 1000m, high-speed controllable range ≤ 4000m. When receiving electronic tube or computer signals, the received signal is automatically converted to a range of 1/8.

H: Power supply: Adopting microcomputer devices, the static power consumption is very low, the energy consumption is small, and the work is stable and reliable.

★: Structural features: sturdy, strong anti-interference ability, waterproof, anti-static, anti electric, and push-pull.

★: Switch switching, light diffusion, refraction, reflection type, side reflection type, angle mirror, reflection type.

Using pure red, pure green, and pure blue ultra high brightness pure color LED as display materials, combined with multimedia technology, the picture is vivid and realistic, and can directly play TV, video, VCD, etc; Video advertising information and TV programs can be combined arbitrarily; Outer packaging, labels, items and other packaging, items and other products.