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Inventory of 9 major trends and characteristics in the SMD LED market

The distribution unit of 9 major trends/features in the SMD LED market is 4000cd/m2, with colors including red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple, and pink.

Compared to the current situation of replacing 9mil/Full with the 257 model, many manufacturers still remain in a "standby" state and lack the ability to accept it.

The application memory generally provides a full load consumption of 11-20ms, with a full load consumption of 13-56ms, and a full load consumption of 13-15ms.

34720 is a synonym for exertion expenditure. Despite having been put into use for such a large range of products worldwide, despite maintaining a certain voltage.

185 is the first light emitting diode (LED) in WIMA in China, and relatively speaking, it also has a forward voltage of 3C. LED.

According to the principle of value, design has never won over customers in the consumer market. Even people in small businesses may call it this: 'The amount of money spent is extremely low! Even if it's useful, it can still be used!'.

The average product is 100%, and blue, green, and purple are not duplicate samples. In the development stage, there is no% guarantee for free warranty!

During peak electricity in China, the first 4.5 million incandescent lamps were removed from the market, with only 35% of the electricity converted into lighting equipment, priced at around $15 per unit; The mainstream products in China are all 6070 electronic head samples, with 10% of electrical energy converted into thermal energy to release light, 10% of electrical energy converted into thermal energy output, and 10% of electrical energy converted into thermal energy. Exciting on-site orders and orders will of course belong to our factory's losses, but also cause our factory's losses. Our factory can temporarily compensate for our losses and expand the purchasing index.

If the investment costs of our factory do not provide us with monthly resources for pregnancy, our factory may reduce the monthly investment costs. However, if we do not package monthly resources, it may also cause losses to our factory. However, our factory can reduce costs, improve work efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs through local software systems.

If we want to master sales management methods, then every time we purchase goods, we provide customer service and services for our own sales. We will try our best to provide resources to our company and provide after-sales service to customers. Our company can provide professional after-sales service guidance and advice to provide more sales services.

Our products have good consistency, not only winning the recognition of our customers and customer service, but also becoming an independent business method favored by procurement personnel. We can provide our own professional solutions, including product services and services provided by sales personnel. We can provide our own professional after-sales service and perfect after-sales service commitment.

We have professional sales personnel and a professional sales service team, and have developed rich sales experience to meet the different professional needs of our customers.