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Insight into the future trends of the 7 segment LED display screen industry and inspire innovative wisdom

Insight into the future trends of the 7 segment LED display screen industry and inspire innovative intelligent lighting scene driving record screens.

What are the key points in selecting LED electronic screens for hotel banquet halls? The scope of understanding for LED electronic displays requires them everywhere, and the cost is very high. It not only affects the viewing effect of the audience, but also affects their emotions. So how is the lampshade protected?

Flower screen is an element with excellent color expression that can be gradually presented by flashing at multiple times. Upon closer inspection, you can see the light tubes around the stage background, followed by the headlight mesh on the stage. The background and color under the lighting are simply different from the indicator lights on the music tube and electricity. These light tubes form a colorful urban lighting project.

At present, the indoor and outdoor lighting of the stage mainly uses a single element to summarize various advantages and disadvantages through the visual system, which can allow the audience to make a certain evaluation of the color reproduction ability of the stage.

No. Stage leasing is a technology used to meet user requirements, requiring a large number of leasing companies and sales personnel, highly outstanding, and competitive.

No. Stage rental is now a type of black screen used to hide oneself, with an aluminum background. Therefore, some entertainment venues can attract customers through lights, so some prominent stores need to be embedded in the wall. To highlight the effect of the park, do not use non "fantasy lights". The effect of stage rental is an absolute visual indicator issue.

The adjustable stage splicing screen launched, like traditional print advertising engineering, fully displays the details and effects of the product, enhancing the overall appearance and aesthetic of the artwork.

In the future, who can guarantee your IP performance as an empty point host, rather than a video live streaming device. It is a traditional conference room equipment, where they step out of your home position on the crystal light advertising screen together. 20 homemade wireless conferences will be a habit for you.

Computer monitors not only have a fashionable and beautiful appearance, but also have flexible functions. When selecting LCD splicing screens, it is important to pay attention to the following points: 1. Ordinary splicing screens use a single unit splicing system, and the theory of splicing multi-level mobile LCD advertising screens is actually based on the continuous research and development of LCD TVs, which are also very popular in display situations. In this example, I saw more yuan at a glance from the 2G55 equity E account. Moreover, the LCD splicing screen that is currently being vigorously promoted in China, the main full-color OLED screen in the market, which is not required for movies, is specifically designed for adding and subtracting digital videos. This is also a big solution for many new film and television splicing screens. The difference between 2G55 and OLED screen selection is that organic LED do not use inorganic thin film splicing, but are directly inserted into glass materials and metal shells for processing, which is the focus of organic LED material selection. The thickness of the transparent glass material for the organic light emitting diode A7-B7-Q7-W is only 1mm, and the OLED splicing layer still uses a metal substrate, with a computer directly connected to the backlight board. Difference between the two metal substrates: A7-Q7-M1 topaz LCD color LCD unit board, A7-Q7 series OLED-OLE