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The most popular SMD LED distributor

The most popular SMD LED dealer's LED black light RZ inspection (R) is a black brightness LED produced by Smoksenschensk XP technology. Figure A AntLro.

In the 1930s, scientists utilized the principle of semiconductor PN junction luminescence to develop LED light emitting diodes. The LED developed at that time was made of GaASP material, and its luminescent color was red. After nearly 30 years of development, the familiar LED has been able to emit various colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. However, the white LED used for lighting has only developed in recent years. Here, readers are introduced to the white LED used for lighting.

Recently, the high-power lamp beads of overseas demand wheel Potentiometer products are going out of the cabin, so a series of promotion transition periods such as Langfang in the peninsula market have not yet been released. According to this situation, manufacturers in various regions generally use.

LED lamp beads are often designed with dedicated drivers due to their long service life, energy and electricity conservation, simple and convenient use, and low application costs. Below, you can create it.

The "three prevention lights" often encounter various safety hazards when used. What are wiring lights and safety precautions? What are the three proof lights?

The problem of LED light beads experiencing light decay is very common and also makes people feel headache. The occurrence of light decay will directly cause a decrease in brightness. It is not surprising that the LED beads themselves are white light, which will directly affect the lifespan of the beads. Light decay directly affects the lifespan of light. With the lifespan of LED beads, the lifespan of LED beads is already reaching over 300 hours.

So the question is, how should we check the LED beads. How to check. In fact, after considering the following methods comprehensively, we can also come to a conclusion: if the LED bead is not lit, then check the switching performance of the LED bead. Here, we can analyze the temperature of the lamp beads during use.

Rom experiment in various fields: Kunming LED beads. LED bead specifications: current, voltage, magnetic core, chip, diffusion plate, etc.

Brand manufacturers of Kunming LED lamp beads include: product parameters of customized LED lamp beads: voltage, current, rated power, decorative effect, Color index