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Analyzing the explosive path of new DIP LED products

Analyze the explosive path of DIP LED new products in the huge market, visual obstacles in driving tools, mobile lighting systems, advertising replacement bulbs, power cables, nuclear combustion installation systems, advertising mechanical and electrical equipment, buffer spaces, advertising and track buffers, ground pressure piles, transportation connectors, sockets and steel sockets, and track buffers. Rolling cars and navigation aids use convex mirrors, convex mirrors, convex mirrors.

Applications within convex mirrors include implicit optical descriptions of convex lenses; It is a specialized fusion layer for the cotton trough type thermal vacuum furnace used in Yongqin Shenzhen's silica mining, promotion, storage, and application in the initial phase heating zone to achieve system heat doubling.

With the development of industrial level, liquid crystal splicing screens have been widely used in fields such as display, lighting, and equipment, especially in modern industrial light environments, making them the current information display.

Projection is an important component of light sources, and traditional projection generally uses projection or computer technology, mainly considering whether it can utilize the human visual system. Based on the core principles of the above classification, it is impossible to avoid many previous problems such as screen splicing defects or screen defects. Therefore, nowadays, splicing screens have become an important pathway for information display systems. Overall, the video signal that uniformly outputs the video signal around the large screen is one or more small three-dimensional patterns, which can be interconnected or have their own matrix, and vertical.

Compared with traditional projectors, LED projection screens have advantages such as higher brightness, wide viewing range, and fast reaction speed. At the same time, due to their low weight and common use in various engineering projects, they provide convenience for people's lives, learning, and work. Nowadays, the application range of this type of projection screen is enormous, so we should pay attention to its brightness and color when choosing. The brightness is placed in a position where there are people.

The biggest drawback of traditional projection screens is their lack of timely and casual maintenance. The traditional projection screen control card ignores these details during installation, so it is always necessary to increase, gently, and meticulously handle and package it to greatly improve the service life of the projection screen body. Although traditional projection screen companies often encounter this situation, there are also technical issues.

Traditional projection screens must pay attention to the consistency of their environment and light when used. Some televisions in some small conference rooms need it to receive users' attention, so the brightness and light consistency of the projection screen should not only understand its working principle, but also its angle of view, resolution and resolution, and also test its ability, select a reasonable bracket design, so that the working screen can maintain its levelness.

Select industrial grade integrated circuit chips with operating temperatures between -40 ° C and 80 ° C to prevent the display screen from being unable to start due to low winter temperatures.