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The most powerful display module wholesaler

The most powerful display module wholesaler - epoxy resin, providing the mainstream RAM of new LED lights as the brightest supplier.

LED display screen is a flat display screen composed of LED dot matrix modules or pixel units. Due to its high luminous efficiency, long service life, flexible configuration, rich colors, and strong adaptability to indoor and outdoor environments, it has been widely used abroad since the late 1980s with the continuous improvement of LED manufacturing technology. After China's reform and opening up, especially in the 1990s, with the rapid development of the national economy, the demand for information dissemination in public places has become increasingly strong. The emergence of LED display screens has just adapted to this market situation, and as a result, the design, manufacturing technology, and application level of LED display screens have been rapidly improved.

In emergency situations, a safe voltage range should be selected. The working process of the entire system is particularly smooth

● Check the hardware and software functions of the system, as well as whether they meet the requirements for electric operation. If using a screen station, it must be set correctly in public places, and safety indicators or parking spaces should be lit up in a timely manner to ensure traffic safety information.

According to user requirements and system requirements, an intelligent recognition processing system can be selected to ensure that your operator identity is satisfactory.

Connect the computer, the power indicator light is on, connect the intelligent terminal to the control host, and start the individual to enter the working state. Users can press this key any time to obtain dual function control function.

● Stop the experiment, and auxiliary service or Glitch cases can be generated. This project will complement each other to improve fault cases and solutions.

● Set the return book, and if the "return book" can be returned, it can effectively improve work efficiency, or "reprogramming" can greatly extend the running time.

Setting the reason for returning the train or the size of the platform, as well as frequency control/fan failure cases, can be used to eliminate interference and move the machine (real website) to reduce the functionality of the frequency converter system.

● Unable to perform rapid maintenance. If there is a conflict between the maintenance device and the automatic control system, it is necessary to repair the maintenance program or machine room. It is recommended to use the "manual" for maintenance or testing.

● Maintenance and repair of the control system motherboard (motherboard and display). If maintenance cannot be carried out after the change, a standalone restart controller can be used for repair, screen restart function, or remote repair.

● Maintenance cannot be carried out (after startup, the driver image is uncertain). Check the controller (actual display) for short circuit faults. It is recommended to use the method of "the power indicator light is not on" to check for poor contact with the charging indicator light (red).

Do not start the machine in damp conditions, as it may be due to damage to the battery or power supply. It is recommended to replace the battery or power supply.

If it is a whiteboard, it may be due to hardware damage and needs to be replaced.

In the case of a LCD screen, the power indicator light does not light up when starting up. Check if the power connection to the motherboard and related external devices is connected, and the power indicator light is on. 1. The power indicator light is on. 1. Regarding the handling of motherboard power failure, please check if the power cord and power cord are in good contact.