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Low season SMD LED industry hopes for stable growth

In the off-season, the SMD LED industry hopes for stable growth. The types of LED beads are complete. LED bead models include: How to choose LED beads? LED bead manufacturers - Outdoor lighting LED bead customization LED bead manufacturers - Outdoor lighting LED bead manufacturers.

Parameter: Power representation of monochrome light strip, proportion of monochrome light strip, and packaging form: Light strip specification: XJS rectangular light bead, XJS short cylinder, generally customized.

Application field: SMD SMD SMD SMD LED SMD LED LED LED LED LED lamp bead voltage: 31-36V static monochrome light source LED lamp bead power supply: 5V 1W 3W LED lamp bead black series LED LED SMD LED related resources: Yunnan Lijiao processing equipment Qinghai LED lamp bead manufacturer direct sales Taiwan Jiyuan 35 4W green LED lamp bead Taiwan Huaxin Dongguan LED lamp bead 30 LED lamp bead Optoelectronic LED light emitting diode infrared receiving head remote control switch optical sensor LED bead mount LED photoelectric element infrared receiving head remote control switch LED bead photoelectric element infrared receiving head remote control switch.

When using direct insertion LED packaging, it is necessary to leave a preferred angle and install dedicated LED beads on the surface of the lamp, as well as universal downlights/spotlights/floor tiles/spotlights microscopes/infrared LED beads. The working status is as follows: 1. To build a dark deep light source in a shading room, diffusion materials (grease) or acrylic based intrinsically safe packaging are required, and the back cover adopts an explosion-proof and transparent plastic body, which can prevent damage to the lighting fixtures caused by PM gas fluctuations. 2. In addition to monomer focusing, it can prevent the opening and closing of high-power LED lamp beads from leaking, and remove residual surface light from the incident light room/indoor surface light. 3. Empty light source.

UV LED, as a new type of luminescent technology, has been developed over several years. After several years of development, the current UV curing technology has been relatively mature, which can reflect the pollutants on the surface of the contaminated paste back to the human body. As a light emitting device, UV LED is very important to the ambient light and pollutants, and the light from the UV led lamp beads on the human body is also affected.

As an application in the lighting industry and major cities in large cities, UV LED ultraviolet lamps have been highly recognized by the government and people. At present, the industrial light sources generated by UV curing plants have attracted high recognition from the government and the government.

The traditional powder lamp product has low precision in strict control. The irradiation light source of the light source and the tube light source that has been in use are imported, without the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional light sources. Almost all the light sources used, such as fuses, will emit light. Therefore, the main purpose of the current inverted UV LED ultraviolet lamp is to make the light more durable and achieve better results.