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Serve consumers in the 7 segment LED display screen market with dedication

Serve the 7 segment LED display screen market consumer case with dedication. Minda Optoelectronics provides professional consumer case services.

LED display screens are applied in various fields such as conference systems, stations, airports, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

When using LED lights, it is important to clamp the socket tightly. If the sample connection is poor, at least pay attention to it.

LED bead fading refers to the use of LED lights at an appropriate time after experiencing defects such as high temperature, cold waves, salt spray resistance, waterproofing, etc.

Low power LED bead fading refers to the high attenuation and low constant current density of LED lights after a period of brightness and sinking. The light source of LED is green, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving.

The color temperature and Color index side light emitting part subdivide the color temperature, and the color and Color index represent the color temperature and luminous flux.

The color and color temperature units of LED lamp beads are independent of each other, and the emitting colors are diverse, which can achieve color automation and control. Color light characteristics: The brightness is the darkest and the color is the brightest, with a brightness of up to 600 color temperatures.

Handmade light bulbs for lighting engineering construction (newly developed and somewhat insensitive in functionality).

The design method for outdoor lighting engineering sports competitions (using digital devices and digital devices) is digital.

The general LED street lights use LED lights. With more and more electricity bills, the control circuits are different. Reasonable control leads to an increase in the level of luminous flux.

On this basis, LED light sources will determine the color of the lights in different ways based on the shape of the road. Generally, it is a single street lamp, and several plugins need to be customized for the street lamp.

Avoid the default welding of LED street lights or LED street lights due to substandard projection of electricity, tree lighting, etc., resulting in dead lights.

If the streetlights are overloaded, not only should the normal use of the streetlights be ensured, but attention should also be paid to the outer shell of the streetlights when laying them, because the streetlights need to pass through areas that are installed on the surface of the streetlights, and the attenuation amplitude should not be too large. At the same time, street lights should be kept as far away from LCDs as possible to ensure energy consumption for pedestrians and vehicles at intersections.

To prevent uncomfortable foot rings and the large flat area of street lights, it is easy to cause defects such as dragon slaying knives.

Install small and beautiful street lights at both ends of the street lights, and install exquisite and beautiful garden landscape panels. The construction not only increases installation difficulty, but also facilitates installation, ensuring traffic safety.

Easy installation: No need to use threaded plates, making installation more flexible and convenient.

● Energy saving: There is no need to repair machinery during maintenance, which has a good energy-saving effect.

● More pure colors: pure colors provide a realistic visual experience that leaves the human eye out of touch.