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  • SMD 2016 Pure White Color 0.5W

SMD 2016 Pure White Color 0.5W

  • Brand:ARKTECH
  • Name: 2016CW
  • Model:2016CW-YK
  • CCT: 8000-10000K
  • Lumen: 50-55LM
  • Ra: 80Ra
  • Power: 0.5W
  • Current: 150MA
  • Voltage: 3.0-3.2V
  • Deg: 120
  • Raw material: Copper bracket / pure gold wire
  • Quantity: 4000pcs/reel
  • Size: 2.0*1.6*0.6MM
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  • How to troubleshoot common issues with SMD LED?
  • SMD LED can be tricky to troubleshoot due to their small size and delicate components. Common issues include failure of the LED to light up, inconsistencies in brightness, or erratic blinking. Here are some steps that can help troubleshoot these issues:

    1. First, make sure the LED is receiving adequate power, and check the LED polarity and connections. Make sure the positive and negative terminals are correctly connected; reversed connections can cause the LED to malfunction.

    2. If there is no power or the LED is not lighting up, check the circuit for breaks or faulty components.

    3. If the LED is flickering or dimming, check for loose connections, then measure the voltage across the LED to see if it meets the recommended voltage levels.

    4. If the outputs are not consistent or the LED is displaying odd behavior, it could be due to interference from nearby electronics or electrostatic discharge. Proper shielding and power supplies can help to reduce these issues.

    5. Last, check for dust buildup at the contacts because this can cause erratic behavior. Clean the contacts with a soft cloth to ensure a good connection.

    By following these steps, common issues with SMD LED can often be resolved quickly and easily.

  • An Ultimate FAQ Guide:

    1.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  production equipment

    Our factory comprises three production departments, housing a total of 12 production lines. We have equipped these lines with over 120 automatic machines from renowned brands such as ASM and Kaijo.

    2.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  MOQ

    We accept orders for a minimum of 1 reel.

    3.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  technology

    Our team offers all-round technical support, including designing according to your requirements, selecting the best solutions based on cost and reliability, principle and LAY-OUT design, customizing special software, and conducting laboratory tests for certification requirements.

    4.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  raw material procurement system

    Our production process is closely monitored through an ERP system and MES system, ensuring the stability and traceability of our products.

    5.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR production management system

    We have implemented a robust production management system that leverages our ERP system, specifically incorporating material information, BOM information, and supplier information. This system allows us to monitor equipment control and production stability in real-time through the MES system.

    6.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  customization services

    We welcome customization requests for our products.

    7.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  production skills training

    We require all our employees to undergo three months of training. Only after successfully passing a qualified test are they allowed to work on the production line. To further ensure the quality of our goods, we have implemented diagrams along the production line, providing clear instructions and guidelines. Additionally, our HD engineers conduct monthly training sessions to keep our team updated with the latest production techniques and practices.

    8.About the scale of SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  factory

    Our factory covers an area of 12000㎡, including a 600㎡ 10k class dust-free, anti-static workshop.

    9.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  R&D capabilities

    Our team consists of 22 PD engineers and 15 PE engineers with more than 10 years of experience.

    10.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  raw materials

    a.We adopts Epistar regular square dices. LEDs are ultra-long life and stable output High light efficiency and low light decay. b.We uses 99.99% gold wire welding.LEDs are fast heat dissipation, good conductivityGood stability and high temperature resistance. c.Excellent quality bracket.Easy to be tined, good thermal conductivity Silver-plated bracket, less prone to oxidation. d.Epoxy colloid.High color rendering, high temperature resistance

    11.About SMD 2016 WHITE COLOR  warranty

    We provide a warranty period of 2 years .