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  • 5mm Multi-Color Blinking Changing Light Emitting Diodes
  • 5mm Multi-Color Blinking Changing Light Emitting Diodes
5mm Multi-Color Blinking Changing Light Emitting Diodes5mm Multi-Color Blinking Changing Light Emitting Diodes

5mm Multi-Color Blinking Changing Light Emitting Diodes

Item Size Color Frequency IF VF Wavelength Brightness



20mA 1.9~3.2V







Introducing the Blink LED, brought to you by ArkTech, a trusted brand in the industry. This LED is designed to provide stunning and vibrant lighting effects that are sure to capture attention.

With a voltage range of 1.8-3.2V, the Blink LED operates efficiently and reliably. The low power consumption of 20mA ensures energy efficiency without compromising on performance.

The Blink LED comes in a compact size of 5mm, making it versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. With a power rating of 0.06W, it delivers powerful illumination while maintaining a long lifespan.

Featuring RGB color technology, this LED allows for a multitude of color options, adding a dynamic and vibrant touch to any setting. The high-quality Epistar chips ensure consistent and uniform lighting performance.

Moreover, the Blink LED is equipped with 99.% golden wire, ensuring reliable and stable connections for enhanced durability and longevity.

Enhance your lighting setup with the Blink LED by ArkTech. Experience its exceptional performance, stunning colors, and lasting quality. Elevate your space with this professional-grade LED solution.

  • 1.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking  LED production equipment

    Our factory comprises three production departments, housing a total of 12 production lines. We have equipped these lines with over 120 automatic machines from renowned brands such as ASM and Kaijo.

    2.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking  LED MOQ

    We accept orders for a minimum of 1 bag 1000pcs..

    3.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking  LED technology

    Our team offers all-round technical support, including designing according to your requirements, selecting the best solutions based on cost and reliability, principle and LAY-OUT design, customizing special software, and conducting laboratory tests for certification requirements.

    4.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking LED raw material procurement system

    Our production process is closely monitored through an ERP system and MES system, ensuring the stability and traceability of our products.

    5.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking LED production management system

    We have implemented a robust production management system that leverages our ERP system, specifically incorporating material information, BOM information, and supplier information. This system allows us to monitor equipment control and production stability in real-time through the MES system.

    6.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking  LED customization services

    We welcome customization requests for our products.

    7.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking LED production skills training

    We require all our employees to undergo three months of training. Only after successfully passing a qualified test are they allowed to work on the production line. To further ensure the quality of our goods, we have implemented diagrams along the production line, providing clear instructions and guidelines. Additionally, our HD engineers conduct monthly training sessions to keep our team updated with the latest production techniques and practices.

    8.About the scale of 5mm Multi-Color Blinking LED factory

    Our factory covers an area of 12000㎡, including a 600㎡ 10k class dust-free, anti-static workshop.

    9.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking LED R  R&D capabilities

    Our team consists of 22 PD engineers and 15 PE engineers with more than 10 years of experience.

    10.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking LED  raw materials

    a.We adopts Epistar regular square dices. LEDs are ultra-long life and stable output High light efficiency and low light decay. b.We uses 99.99% gold wire welding.LEDs are fast heat dissipation, good conductivityGood stability and high temperature resistance. c.Excellent quality bracket.Easy to be tined, good thermal conductivity Silver-plated bracket, less prone to oxidation. d.Epoxy colloid.High color rendering, high temperature resistance

    11.About 5mm Multi-Color Blinking LED  warranty

    We provide a warranty period of 2 years .