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Customs will conduct spot checks and inspections on the import and export goods of DIP LED

The customs will conduct spot checks on the import and export goods of DIP LED. The customs will conduct repeated investigations on inverted products. Initially, inverted products that looked like a wardrobe were matched, but after a week, they were all flipped into the cabinet and could not be used normally.

According to people in Beijing, if the lamp housing is circular, the lamp beads inside will fall off, causing the lamp beads to leak electricity. Therefore, the lighting capacity of the lamp at room temperature for 10 hours, after scrapping, takes 3 hours, 30 minutes, and 25 hours per year to reach the standard qualified lamp beads. That is to say, the lifespan of a fixed lamp at room temperature is approximately 30 times that of an incandescent lamp.

Relevant personnel pointed out that the reason why LED beads do this is because the LED beads themselves convert more heat, so the heat transfer distance of LED beads is generally far, for example, the heat transfer distance of 30W LED beads is 1/2. Due to the irregularity of traditional lighting fixtures, the raw materials of LED lamp beads are also relatively limited. The power output voltage of LED beads is between 3-4V, so high-power LED beads should be selected.

-LED Beads - Inline LED Bead Models.

What are the comparison tables for lamp bead models? What are the LED bead model comparison tables and LED bead model comparison tables? How to check the LED bead model?

What are the specifications in the LED lamp bead model comparison table? In the comparison table of lamp bead models, Taihong Optoelectronics 8 has summarized the inline LED lamp bead products. If there are any shortcomings, please indicate the requirements and we will design according to your needs.

List of LED lamp bead specifications and models/comparison table of LED lamp bead models/375 fused 455F LED lamp bead models SMD LED lamp beads were exported to Changsha.

The specifications of the 2835 infrared head are 50-60lm/50lm/30-90lm/50-60lm>260.

M round head plug-in: red hair red, yellow hair yellow, three color fog shaped lamp beads, seven color color color changing LED.

M round head plug-in: red in color, mist shaped lamp beads, LED directly inserted into the lamp beads, with an ultra long service life of more than 2 years.

257 square high-power LED beads can be customized according to different batch parameters, which can be roughly divided into batches.

The reason for the leakage of SMD LED lamp beads is that due to differences in welding temperature, humidity, and voltage, the lamp beads may experience leakage. Leakage current: Usually due to exceeding the design range, the leakage current is high,

The reason for the leakage of SMD LED beads: When the LED beads leak, the internal material must be changed in order to avoid the phenomenon of bead leakage.