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Top 10 DIP LED companies

Top 10 DIP LED companies. It is currently the earliest LED module street lamp holder in the United States. Perhaps this is the best choice. However, a single LED street light is not very good. Especially, can you choose LED street lamp beads here? Not only is the price not very expensive, but they are all a different kind of beauty.

And now LED street lights are also available. Whether it's LED solar street lights or LED light emitting diode street lights, street lights can be used. The unique advantage of 20 points is high energy efficiency and low consumption, such as visible light emitting diodes (V-110), whose energy is the consumption of electrical energy.

LED is made of III-IV compounds, such as GaAs (Aluminium arsenide), GaP (phosphor), GaAsP (phosphor arsenide) and other semiconductors, and its core is the PN junction. Therefore, it has the I-N characteristics of a general P-N junction, namely forward conduction, reverse cutoff, and breakdown characteristics. In addition, under certain conditions, it also has luminescent properties. Under forward voltage, electrons are injected into the P region from the N region, and holes are injected into the N region from the P region. A portion of the minority carriers (minority carriers) entering the other region combine with the majority carriers (multi carriers) to emit light, as shown in Figure 1.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the electronic product market, electronic products ultimately face price and technical issues, and the level of light is also an important factor. The price of PN junctions directly affects the price of LCD modules, so the product prices should be relatively expensive at both ends. LCD displays are relatively expensive, but manufacturers can provide corresponding chip designs based on specific application needs. The main principle of a liquid crystal display is to turn on the current and then turn off the electrodes to avoid excessive current and reduce the service life of the liquid crystal display module. In addition, after the stable operation of the LCD display, the light emitted is a relatively energy-saving light source in recent years. When the ambient temperature is relatively primitive and the color is relatively dark, the service life of the LCD display is at least a few tenths, which will also reduce this factor