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High cost performance display module products occupy most of the market

High cost performance display module products occupy most of the market and are excellent in the field of display applications.

Sister Shiyu's lighting is gradually heating up, and fans who love night scene photography are also here!

Brand Anree's technical and conceptual work reflects the spirit of heroism, "stunning" the world, and allows you to enter the sea of boundaries.

A professional research and development team, professor, senior designer team, and dedicated family spirit provide efficient solutions for customers.

The characteristics discussed between Anree and the client are shown in Figure 2-3.

The main function discussed between Anree and the customer is to control the pure bright LED to display characteristic white light, while also due to high brightness.

Anree discussed with the client the use of CNC O17-2 for anti oxidation control of contaminated clothing for neural sensitivity regulation and ultra quiet.

Packaging: SMD type, direct insertion type, SMD type, film type, ring type, SMD type, guide rail, etc.

How to choose high-quality Ansilicon S packaging SMD LED models and SMD LED specifications such as 2835 nm cd/3528 nm/40 nm.

LED environmentally friendly indoor LED light beads LED high brightness LED light beads LED green LED light beads bright.

Leige LED 20W class SMD LED transistor RGB with fantasy focusing long pin TVS tube single and dual color.

In line led LED model SMD led LED model bicolor led lamp bead LED tricolor led lamp bead LED LED Nixie tube series high-power led LED UV purple LED lamp bead.

Shenzhen High Quality 2835 Red LED Shenzhen Seven Section One LED Number Shenzhen 5mm Red Green Dual Color L Shenzhen 50 Blue White Dual Color Dongguan 5mm Round Head LED Beads.

The products we package include: 03W/or 05W LED 4 color beads that can be customized: white, warm white, natural white, 6mm, normal white, cold white//red, yellow, blue, green/pink integrated block bead light source: RGB simulated lumen/red, blue, yellow, blue, warm white, purple light/RGB seven color gradient.

Using wafer chips, domestically produced and Taiwan wafer chips, Taiwan wafer has received our request: let's take the order.

We have more product suppliers, welcome to visit our presence. We are already going abroad for research, and when we arrive, we must communicate with our customers, so that we can make some plans first.