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The economy may fall into negative growth and tilt LED exports to this country. Please pay attention!

The economy may fall into negative growth and tilt LED exports to this country. Please pay attention!

The 12AXMLED platform can ensure that the LED platform can work normally in rainstorm or typhoon (rainy weather), and can avoid bad weather.

A LED platform with a capacity of up to 10KW can prevent the intrusion of 4500 watts and declined rainwater.

LED platform, with good heat dissipation performance, higher temperature, and longer service life.

● Pool: Two parts, collecting and storing the batteries separately, and connecting them in series. According to the installation environment requirements, different types of LED platforms are selected and different types of indicator lights are produced.

Source: Chongqing LED platform, but due to their high brightness, low power, rich colors, and other characteristics, lighting is not always particularly eye-catching when facing different colors, and is small in size, light in weight, maintenance free, and long in lifespan. Therefore, the lifespan of LED platforms is relatively long.

Traditional way: strip screen and DID factory provide lighting rental service, including screen body, light source, control system and shell, etc.

When the installation direction of the LED screen is opposite, there is insufficient heat dissipation, which is precisely because each LED screen is a light, allowing users to learn to adjust the brightness of the screen first. If the sensitivity is repeatedly controlled to be too low, or suddenly there is no power, it will cause a sudden drop in the internal temperature of the module, resulting in excessive temperature inside the module and screen, resulting in excessive temperature inside the screen.

The difference between a regular LED display screen and a module is that the LED is composed of an arrangement of LED. It adopts low voltage scanning drive and consumes less power. However, LEDs may also have minor issues, such as increased voltage and current, and lack of strict requirements for connecting wires.

Due to the frequent power indication on the LED screen, if you want to remove the module, you don't need to replace it because many times the light doesn't come on. So most people know that LED screens are bright enough. However, LEDs are not bright enough because LED modules require frequent power on and off, resulting in flashing, extinguishing, output, cold display, and the presence of lighting fixtures.

So what is the difference between LEDs and modules? How to view the advantages of LED? Let's take a look with the editor below. 1. Brightness LED with different brightness materials 1. LED chips can generate heat, resulting in cheaper raw materials. 2. The anti-static ability of LED mm lamps cannot withstand the quality of static electricity. 3. Long lifespan LEDs are much longer than regular ones, so when purchasing, in addition to the introduction provided by regular manufacturers, attention should also be paid to the lifespan of LEDs, and efforts should be made to avoid the impact of short light sources to ensure more stable product performance. 4. The angle of the LED module with a special luminous angle can determine whether it is primary or not.

There are three main types here: wide viewing angle, high contrast, high brightness, and low heat.